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These days’ list of smartphones are actually responding to one simple thing: they are trying to ease life. Each of the smartphones aims at becoming a ‘master-of-all’ thing, meaning, a model or another would want to dominate as a device for many uses. Taking a look at this further, who would have thought that even the best or leading smartphones need a sidekick? I want to surprise you now: the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.0 is trying to pass by in the market with the new sidekick named the Galaxy Gear. Let’s take a look at what it is.

The Samsung Galaxy Gear is a watch in look and wear, but it is technically an Android device (smartwatch) more than just being an accessory or extension of a product. Let me tell you this straight: the Galaxy Gear is an Android device on its own: you can use apps, make calls, handle messages, use the S-Voice feature, and even watch videos and play music! The only lacking thing here is that, it doesn’t support any data feature; if you think you’ll get your Facebook notifications live and real-time, then you’d really wish it has one.

Being a watch, yes, you can wear the Samsung Galaxy Gear like one, regardless of whether you are a left-handed or right-handed person. Being a watch, you can choose between different clock designs or states, or stick to the default analogue-looking clock with hands that tick. To make the wear a little bit unusual, within the strap (that you can choose between different colors) is a camera that you can use to take pictures. Sounds cool or weird? It’s up to you. The body of the Gear itself is actually hefty in look, but such heftiness will virtually disappear because of how sturdy and comfortable this watch works with your arm.

The Samsung Galaxy Gear comes with a square-shaped display measuring 1.6-inches diagonally and has a resolution of 320×320. That said resolution is actually sharp enough for a screen this small, and the brightness is so far up to par. And as you would expect, the display is a capacitive touch screen, and you are but not excused to really do the swiping and tapping here outside of navigating the menu items or even making calls using the S-voice. Lastly, the display is crisp enough for reading text messages, and is responsive enough for you to play along.

However, the Samsung Galaxy Gear is also nevertheless an accessory on its own since it cannot make calls or do any other communication thing without its host (the Note 3, in this case). The Gear connects via Bluetooth connection, which means you must really keep both devices in proximity. The Gear is thankfully made out of robust materials, but not really shockproof or water-resistant to make it really friendly for active users. There’s the steel casing for the body, of course, but the exposed parts like the charging connectors are of no escape to filth exposure.

Being an Android device on its own, yes you can play along with a lot of apps, but since you’ve got no data connection here, all (APK) apps are but transferred using the separate USB connection. A set of four icons is displayed on the screen on every swipe, and yes, there’s even a somewhat-app launcher that you can also use to view all the apps installed. The Gear, being small on its form, comes with a respectable 800MHz processor and 512MB of RAM, which is good enough for some minor or extra apps you would put. Note though that if you want to watch movies, yes, you can, but you have to remove the watch from your wrist because of some screen orientation problems.

Lastly, in terms to performance and reliability, the processor within the Gear is good enough for all activities it is designed for. Voice calls are clear enough, but using the S-Voice can be really tricky especially if it is your first time. You also have to compose your SMS using your voice, which can be hard and even awkward especially when you’re in public. Battery life is good for no more than a day on my initial tests, and this can be a hassle more than a freedom more because it comes in a form of a watch.

The Samsung Galaxy Gear is up to this date only fully compatible with the Note 3 as mentioned, but the company promises updates to make it work with other Samsung devices. Now I have to surprise you: this very limited Android watch will cost you up to $299.

Samsung Galaxy Gear Android Smartwatch Price in the Philippines: Approximately Php 13,000.00

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