Sonos Play:1 Wireless Speaker

The Sonos line of audio hardware is a highly respected brand, more because people naturally love the products. Particular to that line of products is the unique feature of versatility, allowing one piece of Sonos hardware to connect to another Sonos hardware wirelessly through the available spaces in a home, for example. However, such products have only one big problem to notice for these years: they are a bit expensive. Finally, however, we are now to face a new era of Sonos equipment in the name of Play:1.

Arguably, the name Play:1 must actually have gone first before the Play:3 because of the nominal sequence, but that doesn’t matter for now. Significantly, the first thing that you should know about the new Play:1 of Sonos is its extra-terrestrial price at only $199; other Sonos products start with a price of $299 and can go a way lot higher. Moving forward, notice also that the Play:1 is but an entry-level speaker, which means that it is more likely to have been designed with other Sonos products in mind.

Starting with the design and build of the Play:1, this new Sonos model features a very modern, stylish, and minimal look that makes it look like a pen holder with a digital clock in it. The size of 11.91×16.15cm is a bit suspicious in proportion to sound quality, but inside is a combination of two powerful class-D amplifiers—one 3.5-inch mid-woofer, and a single tweeter—to do the show. Available in white and black versions, I honestly think the latter looks more stylish and more discrete; the size, which is more likely to be parallel to a hardcover book, is capable of sitting in the shadows of a bookshelf.

The Sonos Play:1 is also made out of a high-quality plastic material, and the grille is metal. Build quality is of no problem so far, more if you hear the company claimed that this is a humidity-resistant device, but not really water-proof or -resistant. For its size, you may initially think it’s portable, but too bad—and I mean it—it is not; it does not even come with an optional battery at least, so the size is somewhat a waste for me. To work, aside from having a wireless network to work on, you must also plug this. Just imagine how many plugs and sockets you have to setup before actually making all the Sonos devices work.

But these things actually must not discourage you. What I can tell you now based on my initial experience with the Play:1 is that it is a full-fledged Sonos experience. You get a real good audio quality—not really that good as you’d compare to the more expensive kin, but is good enough by itself when compared to its price. Audio quality by itself is not really the best for purists, but is highly plausible for a partying group or a cooking nanny. But take note: the Play:1 works best when set with another Play:1 as a pair; you can feel more of its power when setup this way. Otherwise also, you can choose to integrate it in an already-set-up Sonos network including the Play:3, the SUB, and the Playbar for a total, immersive surround.

Like what was said, the Play:1 requires a network like any other Sonos products, and this is basically done with the Bridge which costs separately (but this holiday season, you may check if you can avail the Bridge as a freebie). The Bridge is the key to connecting to a router and to communicate with other connected Sonos products. Managing the Bridge is the free app available for virtually all platforms. Thankfully, the app is great also that it connects to most Internet-based music platforms such as Spotify, but unfortunately, not iTunes so far.

Lastly, making the Sonos Play:1 something distinct on its own is its own set of playback buttons: the big key for play/pause/skip track and even mute, the volume up and down buttons, and an LED indicator in between. This addition is of course very helpful for those who would want to take control of the music for a short while without getting access to the app. The Play:1 is also capable of being mounted on the wall, but the best setup is to be put discretely in a shelf or in one corner.

The Sonos Play:1 is a great speaker on its own, and dramatically greater when with other Sonos products. Audio quality is up to par with the brand itself, and though it is not portable, the size and form is but friendly and stylish. For its price, you really have to decide if you wanted to try this entry-level product to taste what Sonos really sounds like.

Sonos Play:1 Wireless Speaker Price in the Philippines: Approximately Php 8,900.00

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