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I still remember the days when I thought that the probable next Apple smartphone to the iPhone 5 is the iPhone 6, but after just a few months, I was interestingly surprised. These days, we’ve been flooded with more options from Apple; though it is technically the same model, we get additional two variants namely the iPhone 5c and the iPhone 5s. The former with the ‘c’ may sound like ‘cheap’ to me because it is known these days to be a lot cheaper, and the latter on the other hand is for ‘superb’ that fits well to the build and to the price. Our today’s deal: the iPhone 5c.

The iPhone 5c of Apple is actually the same iPhone 5, but the most obvious thing you could realize with this is that it comes with very youthful colored shells. Though the body is made out of polycarbonate material, what you get is at least reliable and durable enough according to the company. There are five colors namely green, blue, yellow, pink, and white, all of which are tinted lighter and more neon-like in appeal. Yes, it’s still a unibody design, but the size differs from the original iPhone 5 in barely a millimeter or two.

The iPhone 5c is also slightly heavier that the iPhone 5, but you won’t notice much difference. But what makes the colored shells more interesting is that Apple finally came up with a set of colorful cases made specifically for this series. The cases are made of rubbery matte material and promises the Apple-ish durability guarantee, and in turn, makes the colors achieve different combinations every time you change from one color case to another. Oh, and yes you might ask, the iOS7 which is now offered in this series stands very well also with the youthful design here.

More with the iOS7, there are actually a lot to talk about technically. Practically, however, the iOS7 stands out more on the aesthetic side and a little advantage also on function. The design features brightly colored design elements all featuring the trending flat design. There are but some revamps also in the usability such as the dramatic improvement of the Siri, and of course, the redesign also of the interfaces of most of the apps pre-installed in the phone. The iOS7 is really a complementary element to the overall iPhone 5c experience, making it very distinct to its base predecessor.

To be noted also, the iPhone is also claimed to have mastered the LTE networks virtually globally, making its wireless networking capabilities extend to the highest level as possible up to this date. And if you’d ask me, yes, there are some more changes also when compared to its predecessor, but among these are that the 5c now has a slightly longer battery life (probably because of the easier but better operating system), and an improved front-facing camera that takes better shots in low light. Outside all of these, one new thing to surprise you with your purchase is that you get a jelly-ish plastic case much you what you usually get when you buy and iPod.

On the technical side of the phone, the iPhone 5c still retains the same Retina 4-inch display at 640x1136px, the same A6 processor, 1GB of RAM, choice of 16 or 32GB internal memory, an 8MP iSight camera, and a 1510mAh battery. The iPhone 5c still produces the same smooth and visually appealing experience, and performance-wise, I got nothing to complain. Ask me, and I’ll tell you that I only wish Apple can think about giving the next iPhone a bigger screen for better multimedia experience.

The iPhone 5c sells for the major networks in US in a very cheap price per contract, and if you want to buy it as a standalone unit, prices say that it is now more or less $100 cheaper than the price of the original iPhone 5 when it was released a year ago. The iPhone 5c is a good candidate for the younger generation of consumers, and its performance and reliability makes it worth buying.

Apple iPhone 5c Smartphone Price in the Philippines (Prepaid):

* Globe – Php 29,000 (16GB); Php 34,200 (32GB)
* Smart – Php 29,500 (16GB); Php 35,000 (32GB)

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