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Is the new iPhone 5 still not premium enough for you? Want it made out of gold? Too visually stellar? How about a faster performance? Whether you like it or not, Apple itself is not satisfied, that’s why they came up with the new iPhone 5s. Compared to the cheaper counterpart called the 5c, this new iPhone stands above the rest of the iPhone 5 models because of its superior offerings, most of which we will be finding out today. Of course, all of these will not interest you if I will not be honest of its price at around $700 (for prepaid)… sadly can go up, up higher.

Starting with the aesthetics, looking from afar, and if someone has a 3rd-party case installed, you won’t notice any changes at all; it’s still arguably the iPhone 5 we knew since a year ago. However, with the new colors of space gray, silver-ish white, and gold (that looks more like a light copper or bronze color), the iPhone 5s is now something different. No, as far as I know, there’s not really a gold or silver element blended here in the premium material. The build is still purely aluminum, but you get that very luxurious look.

More with the build, since I mentioned that it looks almost perfectly as that of its predecessor, there’s actually a very interesting thing to know about here on the hardware side: a new home button. The home button is crafted out of sapphire crystal (so in short, it’s not a simple button—that’s what it says, after all), but there’s not a square icon anymore. What you get here is a physical button but with a capacitive sensor built in for fingerprint sensing. You heard it right: though the apps and the new iOS 7 may not really maximize the said technology, you can still feel better with the more secure fingerprint scanning technology that you can also use to purchase from iTunes.

Next on our list is the display. Sadly, for a higher-priced iPhone 5, this 5s still sports the same Retina display that measures 4-inches diagonally and still has the same resolution of 640×1136. However, what makes the display more interesting and more appalling is the new iOS7 as mentioned. The new OS has a brighter, more colorful interface with flat design elements, performs faster and smoother, and of course, comes with some improvement like the AirDrop feature and a more robust Siri experience.

The iPhone 5s measures and weighs virtually the same as that of its predecessor, but it is a practical mystery actually if you learn that there are a lot of hardware improvements here outside of the said steel cabinet it is being shelled upon. First on our list is the new A7 processor that is so mouth-watering because literally, it can achieve almost double the speed of the A6 processor we once deemed as too fast already. This is made possible by the addition of the world’s first 64-bit architecture for a mobile device, which at the same time is also sweeter in playing resource-intensive games as well. Another processor is the new M7, which I think stands for ‘motion,’ because it is reserved only to process motion-sensitive processes like when you’re driving or when you’re jogging.

The main 8MP camera of the new iPhone 5s is also improved—though not that much, it is still better. The sensor is now said to have a 15% bigger sensor and sports an aperture of f/2.2, making it take good, clean shots even in low-lit situations. There’s also the 720p video recording at 120fps for a real-life slow-motion experience, and that’s another feature compared to the rest like taking dynamic panorama shots, photo filters, etc.

Lastly, together with its sibling called as the iPhone 5c, the iPhone 5s also sports the ultra-fast LTE bands that are universally capable and more compatible with the global LTE networks. All of these would work well as expected, and though a lot would say that the iPhone 5s stays up with the same battery capabilities, my experience says it’s a little or virtually no shortage at all. Processing speed, gaming experience, browsing the web—these all do well.

And before I forget though, you would want to keep watch of the news claiming that the new iPhone 5s suffers more crashes than the original iPhone 5 and the iPhone 5c. That’s just a precaution, but with all the goodness of the new iPhone 5s, you can still buy it at a little higher price.

Apple iPhone 5s Smartphone Price in the Philippines (Prepaid):

* Globe – Php 34,400 (16GB); Php 39,600 (32GB); Php 44,800 (64GB)
* Smart – Php 35,000 (16GB); Php 40,500 (32GB); Php 46,000 (64GB)

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