Nokia Lumia 1320 Windows 8 Smartphone

We have encountered these a couple of years Nokia’s line of Windows smartphone as retrieval to their identity after the Symbian age. With a lot of choices to choose from, Nokia’s Windows phones hardly get the spotlight—I mean a very limited few can really be noteworthy for comparisons. This, however, does not deplete the company’s attempts to continually service their people with better phones each and every time. You might heard it already: Nokia just released some few great models, along with Nokia’s first Windows tablet.

Perhaps the very common thing to the three new Lumia products namely the 1320, 1520, and 2520 (the tablet) is the integration of the newest Windows 8 update for smartphones; outside these, the differences are a lot. Our deal for today is the 1320, which is a 6-inch gigantic Windows phone but with a friendly price of around $340. The 1520 is actually another 6-inch model, but packs some great contrasting features which we will notice later on. The 1320 per se is a budget smartphone with a decent list of features and specs, enough for those who just want to experience a smartphone the Windows way.

Starting with the design of the 1320, this Lumia is actually big but tempting. Available in bright colors of pink and yellow, the 1320 is also discrete enough to offer a more formal-looking choices of black and white. Dominating the shape of the 1320 is the polycarbonate plastic material, but thankfully, I liked the matte surface which is not only more tactile but is also more resistant to prints and smudges as seen on glossy surfaces. The corners and edges are also sweetly rounded, but not too much to make it look like it is designed for kids.

Holding the 6-inch Nokia Lumia 1320 is a pleasure, but by all means you have to use both hands to operate. The display is big and bright enough, but the 720p display isn’t that much appealing for those who love collecting HD movies (the 1520 counterpart offers a full HD display, but of course, that comes with a cost—a big cost). However, at 245ppi, the 1320’s display is very viewable: Windows 8’s proprietary font style fits very well and is very readable. Viewing angles are also seamless and friendly—something that would tell you silently that it’s an ‘enough’ model without looking at the more expensive counterpart.

Adding to the sprite of the Nokia Lumia 1320 as a Windows smartphone is the integration of the update, making the rows of the tiles into three rather than two. You would not really notice such change, but it is actually working from behind. Running the 1320 of Nokia is a dual-core Snapdragon processor clocked at 1.7GHz and 1GB of RAM, plus an already-oldish Adreno 305 GPU for some Angry Birds gaming. The internal storage sadly is only 8GB—something that you might already have a reason to laugh about these days, but thankfully, expansion is added as a very helpful option.

Unlike its 1520 counterpart catering a 20MP main camera, this 1320 to line up to its price is only offering 5MP, but at least with a good flash function. Photos taken in the phone are not superb, and the details may actually be lacking; comparisons between photo quality of this phone to its expensive counterpart cannot be done for now since I have to experience the latter first. Lastly, the 1320 does not support NFC and wireless charging, but adds 4G LTE support, GPS, and Bluetooth. All these are backed with a good battery capacity of 3,400mAh, which is a featured shared by the 1520 as well.

We’d love to hear more news and gain some more experience with the phone. But as of now, for the sake of impression, the Nokia Lumia 1320 is a very doable smartphone—something that will serve you real well without letting you indulge thoroughly on some tempting pleasures as seen on the 1520.

Nokia Lumia 1320 Windows 8 Smartphone Price in the Philippines: Approximately Php 15,000.00

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