Bang & Olufsen BeoLab 14 Surround Sound Speaker System

Have you been thinking of how to invigorate your interior specially your living room lately? Let me give you a suggestion: look at your TV set. Is it an ordinary cathode-ray type of TV? Is it plasma? Is it LED? Is it LCD? Is it AMOLED? Or is it the one among the few exclusively offered by Bang & Olufsen? If you got the last one, then you are on a good starting point. However, how much can you pull out from your million-dollar bank account? Because with the new BeoLab 14 of the same company, you are just about to make your living room luxurious like no other.

In may sound surprising, but yet, I agree to you that Bang & Olufsen is a ‘sound’ company, not a TV company or a reseller of furniture and interior goods and services. However, the products offered by the company are so distinct especially to the design aspect that you can hardly see on any competitors, i.e., if there really are to match what they offer. The BeoLab 14 is quite intriguing, and the PRs are but worth of any eavesdropping. Well, why wouldn’t it be, if you learn it has a funny price of just $3,900, more or less?

BeoLab 14ís universal connectivity brings the unmistakable joy of Bang & Olufsen sound to any TV, whether it's Bang & Olufsen or some other brand
That price you may be a solid downpayment already for the next ride you’re planning to buy, but the implications in buying the BeoLab 14 are awesome worthy of wait and resource. The BeoLab 14 is a sound furniture, so to say, that delivers a 4.1 ultra-surround home-theater sound system without the hefty looks. Being a 4.1-er, you get four satellites and a bass tower, all of which are highly to be mistaken as designer brands (which they can really be as well). However, going for the rare 4.1 system can be rare, and it presupposes that you have a TV right from the same company. If you don’t, then join the party of those being unlucky to purchase an additional ‘main’ satellite that costs well.

Starting with the satellites, what Bang & Olufsen offers are pure aluminum packages. Okay, you may argue that it’s aluminum, nothing new, so what. But take note that the company is not just simply a company making loudspeakers for every home, but their craftsmanship and being overly artistic is what made them survive the past eight decades. Utilizing a mighty 170-ton pressure to press the metal to the desired circular frames, the satellites are themselves directive of pure strength and art combined. The satellites are highly customizable as well (though, yes, you will again need to go back to work to get some more dollars), with interchangeable cloths from simple black to blue, grey or red, and the stand or brackets are also sold separately. The satellites can easily fit to any interior design and theme, and the construct can be hung on the ceiling, mounted on a wall, or just standing beside your big-screen TV like a microphone with a stand.

Here also comes the 280-watt subwoofer that looked more like a designer stool or a big flower vase to sit on one corner of the wall. Unlike the usual woofers that hide under the sofas or desks, the BeoLab 14 has the woofer that is very much confident to sit in front of the audience. The tower is also an art in itself, and it amazingly creates a sound that would really put you in some kind of hypnosis because of amazement and confusion together. Inside the tower comes the six powerful class-D amplifiers together with the mentioned 280-watt subwoofer, and from afar, the tower only measures a little more than 50cms.

Problem does not only lie on the model’s price and package additions more if you want to customize the default setup, but the other issue you’d face is on how to hide the wires (yes, the BeoLab 14 is not wireless). Nevertheless, the Bang & Olufsen BeoLab 14 is a solid piece of a furniture, a perfectionist and minimalist type of appliance, and a well-performing artists on its own that users can take along and setup the way they like… and that is, if they also like the price.

Bang & Olufsen BeoLab 14 Surround Sound Speaker System Price in the Philippines: Approximately Php 180,000.00

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