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BlackBerry is a company more known for its select handset models that are said to be more business-wise rather than for consumers, however, I would not like to avoid the latter with what’s in my hand right now. Introducing a brand new BB accessory, the Mini Stereo Speaker, carrying a new BB device should be a little more fashionable and non-age-dependent already. We’re talking about the design, at least, and with what I’m about to reveal to you, you’d surely want to check the new Mini Stereo Speaker of BB for yourself.

The Mini Stereo Speaker of BB is of no doubt a speaker in look, but in comes in a very unusual design. Looking from afar, the Mini Stereo Speaker looks like a loaf of bread wrapped in white napkin, and then folded halfway to picture and function as a very big clip. Available only on a white version, I actually do not like BB’s idea of the Mini Stereo Speaker’s design because it looks more like it is from Apple. You would also like to argue the same when you see how such a design fights well with what is being offered on BB’s flagship, the Z10.

The Mini Stereo Speaker is nevertheless awesome in such a way that it introduces a new way of carrying an ultra-portable speaker. As said, the Mini Stereo Speaker features a clip design, and what this means is that you can clip this speaker onto a strap of your bag or to your collar, let’s say. Moreover, it’s not simply a speaker; the Mini Stereo Speaker of BB also functions as a hands-free device for taking calls—but not making one. At least in its weight of 3.5oz for a smartphone-like width and height, the speaker is good enough even when you’re running—at least you want to secure its ‘clamp’ first.

The Mini Stereo Speaker of BlackBerry, being wireless, supports not only on Bluetooth connection but also via a 3.5mm-terminated audio cable for a wired playback (which is, as for me, a bit awkward). I have no troubles pairing my phone (a non-BB one) to this speaker, and in just a matter of seconds the speaker is up and playing already. There are also but a few buttons available: the volume rockers plus a power key which is also inherent of calls functionality as mentioned above. Lastly, the Mini Stereo Speaker charges via its mini-USB port, and thankfully, the speaker can last up to 12 hours of surprisingly loud music playback.

That being loud didn’t mean that the Mini Stereo Speaker for its size is good already for in-room parties. That said, you can only expect a little more-than-average audio level on this speaker, and with a relatively small set of drivers, I wasn’t surprised to learn there’s not a natural bass popping out of the grilles. Moreover, though I love the way the speaker reproduces the vocals in my music playback, I actually did not like also the fact that for its price at $99.99, the Mini Stereo Speaker still sounded cheap and tinny. Anyway, at least for its size I must be fair that BlackBerry has done a good job—at least a good attempt.

The Mini Stereo Speaker of BlackBerry is one head-turner accessory to its new line of smartphones on the market. The fact that opting for its relatively weird aesthetics may mean it does not adhere to BB’s line of design, and you can in some way mistake it as an Apple accessory. With a long battery life and a relatively big sound for its size, the Mini Stereo Speaker does a good job also at handling calls. However, at the said price, you’d surely want to buy something far better in performance than this.

BlackBerry Mini Stereo Speaker Price in the Philippines: Approximately Php 4,500.00

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