Cherry Mobile Cosmos Z Android Smartphone

Ending on the list of Cherry Mobile’s Cosmos series (so far) is the new Cosmos Z. Priced at around $260 these days from select markets, the new CM smart device is now proud to boast of some distinguishing features that make it separate from the rest of the country’s known smart devices. I am talking about the full HD display that you can rarely find on most internationally acclaimed smartphones from the biggest manufacturers.

Well, to get it straight, the Cherry Mobile Cosmos Z boasts of its 5-inch full HD display, which is at the same time well-tempered with Gorilla Glass 2. Add it with IPS technology, the display of the Cosmos Z is but something you could really wish for all year long. Colors are crisp and clear, viewing angles are exceptionally friendly and easy. Colors are not overly vibrant or saturated, as you’d find on some Samsung models. And because it comes in a huge palm-size video frame ornamented with very thin bezels, watching movies from here is a breeze.

However, that display which obviously is the Z’s top feature is also the biggest burden it has: it burns down battery right away, like draining it in less than 6 hours of moderate use in just one morning. Unless you are willing to take the necessary sacrifices like tuning down the brightness and turning off data connections, you won’t find this smartphone really helpful after all but just a small game and app console device. That’s not to break your heart, of course, more because you’ll learn that it has other beautiful features to cope up with its relatively expensive price.

With the design, the Cherry Mobile Cosmos Z comes in variants of black (more like a very dark grey with streaks of light picturesque of a brushed aluminum surface) and glossy white. Such glossiness means that you can easily paste your fingerprints there, but thankfully your hankie can easily wipe the filth. The Z is also thin at less than 8mm, making it a standout for those who would want a fashionable and eye-catching smart device at hand. We are also grateful that the Z still wears a unique face to avoid being mistaken as a duplicate or mimic of a leading smartphone.

Then there’s the 18MP main camera at the back that comes with an LED flash. The main camera also announces its own BSI sensor technology that promises better shots in poorly-lit situations. As I tried, the 18MP camera promised good colors and the dynamic range is well above average. However, I am still a bit disappointed with the lack of details and sharpness of the image, making the camera fall back to the average level of smartphone cameras common to many today. Adding to this, another 8MP front-facing camera should be more than enough to be truly ambitious.

Outside all of these, we’d expect the same Jelly Bean experience in this Z of Cherry Mobile. There are some few additions to make the interface and user experience a bit different, but all of them don’t seem significant to mention by now. We are happy to see the availability of dual-SIM-dual-standby here, but not so because only the primary SIM can do 3G and not 4G. There’s a single-band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 1GB of RAM, 8GB (or to some, 16GB) of ROM (expandable up to 32GB), a quad-core MediaTek processor clocked at 1.5GHz, but no NFC. Again, the battery at 2000mAh can be usable for the low users, but average users would cry for more.

The Cherry Mobile Cosmos Z is a very beautiful device at start and when advertised, but practically, I’d say it is too ambitious that it compromised other vital features such as the battery life. Well, what should I really expect for its price at around $260?

Cherry Mobile Cosmos Z Android Smartphone Price in the Philippines: Approximately Php 11,000.00

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