Nikon Coolpix S9500 Compact Digital Camera

Taking the place of the late S9300 of Nikon’s Coolpix series is the new S9500. Being a point-and-shoot digital camera, the S9500 promises a way lot more advancement for a typical class model, and for its price of $250, I think it should not really disappoint. However, the question of disappointment may now vary depending on what you expect on it when you use it in the real world. With a powerful 22x optical zoom plus several features like geo-tagging and Wi-Fi, we’d assume this camera is better for travelers. Is it really?

Bodied in a sheer metal shell, the S9500 looked very much similar and consistent with its predecessor and the other models on the Coolpix series. The S9500 is available in four colors, namely a cherry red, a bronze-brown-like color, the black, and the silver, if not grey. At a weight of around 205 grams, the S9500 is no joke a very handy camera, except that fitting it to your shirt pocket may seem to vary on your shirt size. Nevertheless, without too much depth on the contours of the camera, the S9500 can still be presumed to slip well to your pocket without the ridges to take you off your impression.

There’s nothing to worry and brag about the front of the camera; there’s only the single vertical rubber that sits as the main grip of the camera. If you are asking for the flash, it’s actually a pop-up from the top surface of the camera, along with the Wi-Fi and GPS panels properly hidden flat and ready. At the top also, the zoom lever circles around the shutter button, which then is sitting in between the power button and the seemingly-mode dial. The dial, in fact, is not really a mode dial since it does not introduce more manual control flexibilities; it only leads you to extra creative ‘zones’ like auto-scene mode, scene selection, and effects/filters.

Disregarding the HDMI and USB ports on one side of the camera, the main control interface, which is at the back cannot be said to be dominated with a big screen. The display, which is measured having 614k-dot resolution, is now OLED, which is in fact better with performance and battery management. The display does well under direct sunlight, though a little glare and reflection might distract you to your pure enjoyment. The physical buttons are evenly spaced and have respectable key travel, and luckily, the direct video record button is slightly isolated by fully accessible. The D-pad comes with a ring for supposed-to-be easier navigation within menu items, though this may depend on your experience or preference.

The main mechanics of the Nikon Coolpix S9500 comes with a 22x optical zoom Nikkor lens, a 1/2.3-inch backlit CMOS sensor, a vibration-reductive motor to add to the image stabilization, and an Expeed C2 processor. The camera, as to my impression, is not really about speed, but is majorly about features and capabilities. The zoom range which equates to 25-550mm in 35mm terms is massive enough, and truly the IS does well in handling camera shakes when taking photos from the telephoto end. ISO terminates at 3200 and can be considered short, but this may go well for shooting better in low-lit scenes.

Image quality are all locked on JPEG formats, and not having RAW support means that what you shoot is what you get. Images portray a real good amount of contrast and detail, though at the telephoto end sharpness is slightly reduced. Noise is properly managed, and luckily, there’s no electronic artefacts or any fringing or aberration. The 19 scenes may be very creative, but you really have to familiarize them real well to get better results. For the video, the 1080i capture is good enough, and thanks to the HDMI port, bringing the video to a bigger screen won’t be that much of a hassle.

The battery is said to be good for 230 shots, and I’d say you better be sure to bring an extra if you are on the travel and if you love uploading those photos to your smartphone every once in a while. The GPS and Wi-Fi works one, and I would love to tell you that asking for NFC and a touch-screen display may already be too much not only for the price but also for the short battery life. The S9500 of Nikon is a good piece to bring along, but only if you prefer quick automatic features and modes and if you have an extra battery to sustain every feature this camera brings.

Nikon Coolpix S9500 Compact Digital Camera Price in the Philippines: Approximately Php 11,000.00

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