Asus Transformer Book T100 Convertible Ultrabook

The battle for the greatest ultrabooks seemed like it’s never going to end, more because there are always fresher ideas to welcome especially the new Windows 8.1 operating system in full blast. There’re also a lot of devices already claiming to be ‘hybrids,’ i.e., a combination of both a tablet and an ultrabook. The question now is, how about a ‘netbook’ and a tablet? This is what is going to be fully manifested in Asus’ new entry for the Transformer series: the T100.

The Asus Transformer Book T100, at first so as to entice you to read along, is a very budget-friendly hybrid-system Windows 8 device. You get a 10.1-inch slate with a keyboard dock already inside the box. You get gorgeous battery hours for both surfing the web and even draining them with video playback. You get a full-sized USB 3.0 port. You get wireless capabilities. You get an IPS display. You get the latest Atom processor of Intel. All of these you can get for more or less $350, and if you compare it with luxury tablets or netbooks, the price should really make you smile.

But first, for the price, you also get some compromises. At first with build quality, the Asus Transformer Book T100 is mainly plastic, from top to bottom. You get that expected amount of flex when you press any surface. But don’t worry about this case, though, Asus knows its best ways to implement plastic materials on board. Next, the plastic material can be glossy and authentically felt cheap at hand, but thankfully, we are not facing a flood of smudges here. The seemingly linear patterns will surely distract you from counting one print from the other.

The Asus Transformer Book T100 as a tablet measures 263x171x10.5mm alone, and add the dock which measures 263x171x13.1, you get a real bulky piece of an ultrabook. Compared also to other models of the Transformer series, this T100 doesn’t really look fashionable at all; actually there’s nothing to brag about the design except that you can remove the slate off the keyboard dock. But nevertheless, when you combine the two-piece appliance, you get a lightweight device that you can enjoy at only around 1.1 kgs. Moreover, since there’s no kickstand to worry about, you can adjust the viewing tilt of the slate, and luckily, it sits properly and steadily on your lap without the usual worries.

Aside from the usual ports, I also mentioned that you also enjoy a full-sized USB 3.0 port here. Unfortunately though, if you want to fully maximize this added feature (actually, it’s expected), you have to bring the dock along because it is where it is found. We’re sad, though, that the dock does not extend the slate’s battery life as we’d seen in other competing hybrids; this also means that you cannot charge the slate using the stored energy on the dock. Then there’s the keyboard. Asus is proud to announce a 19mm-travel distance of each key, and typing on it is seemingly plausible. The keys may look and feel cramped and hence may take some time getting used to, but we’re still happy there is one. And oh, of course, a touchpad is available, but its size is almost saying in itself that you should get a wired or wireless mouse instead.

The slate’s display is gorgeous that it has a wide viewing angle courtesy of the IPS technology within. However, if you are looking for quality displays, the T100’s isn’t really your candidate. The resolution at 1366×768 may seem enough, but in today’s age and for a 10.1-inch size, that just doesn’t seem right anymore, though yes, that’s still better than 720p displays. At the back of the slate are two stereo speakers which are unbelievably loud, but the Sonic Master technology within may disappoint you because of the obvious buzzing and distortion when you set the volume up to the top level.

The Asus Transformer Book T100 is good enough and may even be better in performance because of the latest Intel Bay Trail-T Quad Core Z3740 1.33 GHz processor. Add it with 2GB of RAM, you can actually do almost everything you’d expect for a PC that is more than a simple tablet. Though I won’t be confident playing Battlefield 2 here and using Photoshop, at least doing Office (oh yes, a student edition of Office is included upon purchase!) is a breeze together with enjoying other apps especially on the tiled Windows 8 interface. You won’t get much trouble here, but if you want to maximize the 9-11 hour battery life, you better get a little conservative.

The Asus Transformer Book T100 is not a piece of beauty, but it works very well and is usable in a real lot of ways. The cheap material and the lack of other useful features may be some signs you may not buy it, but when you need a full Window 8 device that ‘works’ in the fullest sense, the T100 is a must-buy and is very timely nowadays.

Asus Transformer Book T100 Convertible Ultrabook Price in the Philippines: Approximately Php 23,000.00

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