Bose AE2W Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

We’ve all heard how good the AE2 of Bose was (or is), and for its now-price of just $99, the good sound quality, the exceptional ergonomic comfort, and superior versatility are all but great choices for such a price. Though it could already be the company’s flagship, the AE2 lacked some few things to cope up with its low price: it does not possess Bose’s reputed active noise-cancelling feature. Moreover, it does come wired and messy like any other headphones.

But not anymore. Bose has found a way out by adding a ‘control module’ on this beautiful piece of a headset. By adding a control module, what you get now with the AE2 is a Bluetooth feature that totally makes the model wireless. That module also comes with physical buttons not only for pairing devices wirelessly, but also for controlling volumes, skipping tracks, and even receive calls and talk to Siri. Sounded too incredible? Get an extra $100 ready, for the new Bose AE2W is pricey at around $250.

If you’d be thinking about it now, no, the control module is not yet sold separately, nor will it be in the future days (at least to my expectations). Moreover, the control module, despite being removable (even though it doesn’t look like it does), does not fit to all headphones from the company; it is especially designed to fit on AE2 models only. And if you are a bit bothered with how it looks, I agree. The control module, when attached to the headphones, looks distracting and can be too big to be a fashionable accessory. This may be the reason why Bose doesn’t really market the Bose AE2W that much.


Moving forward, what matters now is how it works. I have already mentioned the features it has for smartphone and iPhone users, but the 7-hour battery life may or may not be enough to its users. Users can charge the module while detached via the included USB cable for about 3hours, and voila, you can get back running outdoors. What’s more is that, when you detach the module, you can still use the Bose AE2W as you’d do for the AE2. Thankfully, removing the module doesn’t destroy the look of the headphone itself as a whole. It’s just smart and creative.

Being a Bluetooth-powered wireless headphone of Bose, it is so amazing that playing wirelessly from your favorite playback device almost perfect sounds like it is wired! I am not saying that there’s perfectly no difference making it truly perfect and seamless, but such decency in playback makes the AE2W truly a standout if you are looking for a faithful and decent headphone to play your music wirelessly. The same also goes with the built-in microphone for receiving calls. The module may be a bit below the ear and can be farther from your mouth as you speak, but the microphone does well by pulling only the sound waves from you and not from external noises.

That same AE2 model still has its own leather-wrapped foams to encapsulate comfort as you listen and walk along with your favorite music. The foams are so comfortable for such a lightweight over-the-ear headphone that it makes it feel like you wanted to sleep with it. Of course, as you’d expect with a leather-coated foam, heat can naturally fill the spaces in between your ears, but that should be a friendly reminder for you to stand up and stretch a bit. Being lightweight, it is also notable that the control module only adds more or less 10grams of weight onto it, making the overall weight more or less 150grams.

Talking about audio quality, the added ‘active EQ’ makes the audio sound more electronically processes, and this does not mean that it will not fit your ideals if you’re a purists. If you are also a bass lover, the Bose AE2W is also not for you since this model pushes more on the mids while keeping the lows and the treble at the right, harmonious peak. The AE2W is also not loud enough, and though the passive noise cancellation feature may work a bit, you would still not want this pair of headphones if you want to travel on air.

But all in all, the pricey Bose AE2W is an awesome but discreet model to sell on the market. Its standout detachable Bluetooth dongle or control module is a very unique feature too hard not to mention, and actually, it works just as fine as you’d expect for its price. If there be another draw out that you should know, it is that it doesn’t come with a hard case (only a shoestring bag).

Bose AE2W Bluetooth Wireless Headphones Price in the Philippines: Approximately Php 11,500.00

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