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LG, so far, is still coping up to be listed as among the best brands for the smartphones category, more because manufacturers or brands such as Apple and Samsung are always taking the lead even in just plain ideas. However, the time of the Optimus series of LG is now seeing its termination point, and we are glad to welcome a new G-series to introduce us to LG’s new faces of smartphones. Introducing the series is the very first G2, amounting to around $625 online these days.

The LG G2 is not the most popular smartphone and is not even in fact the most in-demand model. Beware though as the reason behind this introductory statement can be overstated; once people learn how powerful this G2 is, $10 will say that it can be hard to choose something else. Starting with, this relatively-reasonably-priced smartphone of LG comes with a gorgeous full HD display at a gigantic size of 5.2 inches diagonally, the top-of-the-line Snapdragon 800 processor quad-clocked at 2.2GHz, a solid 32GB of internal storage, powerful speakers, a 13MP camera with AF and OIS, and a great-performing battery life.

Starting with the design, LG is proud with the G2 for portraying a slim and elegant profile measuring only 8.9mm deep. That’s actually incredible enough, more if you learn that it weighs only 0.32 lbs. That should fit right to your jeans’ pockets, that is, if you have the right size for it. However, the inconsistency comes with the provider or store to where you’ll purchase it: some sellers offer a glossy-back surface, while others don’t. It may depend on your preference, but especially if you give more priority for your network provider, chances are you won’t get to choose what type of cover to enjoy.

The front surface also comes with a smooth surface that glides and reflects under the light, in fact too shiny or slippery for it to become a fingerprint magnet. Nevertheless, I love the edge-to-edge glass with almost no bezels at all; thanks to the dual-routing technology that enabled such beauty. Then here comes the slightly weird introductory feature: power button and the physical volume rockers found at the back rather than the usual edge locations. Upon days of trying it, I’d say it doesn’t really detract you from the usual intuitiveness you’re after. But moving forward, I’d still say both options (at the back or at the edges) have their own logic to be understood. Now it’s just a matter of preference.

However, LG G2 is bright enough to introduce additional functionality to the buttons at the back: a) holding the volume-down button will trigger the camera app; b) holding the volume-up button will open a quick-memo note app. The buttons can be hard to access from behind especially on the first instances of use, and more unfortunately, some versions have smaller or more depressed buttons than the other. Lastly, I would also like to mention that putting the buttons there right below the camera hardware will also mean that you have to constant swipe the camera lens clean after a few smudges.

Aside from the exemplary hardware mentioned including the quad-core processor and a 13MP main camera, there are also others which you’d love to notice including the 2GB RAM and a 32GB of ROM of which 22GB is only user-available. The 3000mAh battery is also said to be good for up to a month of standby, but after trying some 4G connections, making few calls, and trying some apps, how come I have to charge it an hour after lunch? Nevertheless, if you’re a conservative user, this will not bother you that much.

There are some more features also specific to this Android device of LG. Aside from the note-taking feature which you’ll have to use your finger instead of a stylus, there’s also the ‘KnockOn’ feature that allows you to put the G2 into wake or sleep mode; that should save you the effort of reaching for the power button which is now situated at the back. There’s also the ‘Slide Aside’ feature allowing you to open up to three apps simultaneously, and swiping from the side switches them one from the other. Another is the ‘clip tray’ that acts more like a more PC-like clipboard experience. Oh, and before I forget, there’s also a QSlide function allowing you to multitask by launching multiple floating windows, each is resizable and can be adjusted by opacity.

There are actually more to say with LG G2, but so far, we’ve hit the essentials. This smartphone is a powerful device to mention, and is very advanced and future-proof, at least according to my ideals. Some features may not always work right and ripe to this date, but nonetheless the rest works fine and are actually very helpful. You’ve got to get the hang of the new layout of the buttons, but with this interesting creativity, I bet LG will soon have a bigger face in the smart industry of today.

LG G2 Android Smartphone Price in the Philippines: Approximately Php 22,000.00

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