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It can be easily said that Microsoft is getting more and more ambitious when it comes to gaming, but particularly to their gaming consoles. After a few years since we knew Xbox 360, the new Xbox One is about to steal at least a large portion of gamers around the globe. At first, I can quickly say that Microsoft is only trying to keep up with the pace because of Sony’s hard-hitting announcement of the PS4. But with a real bunch of improvements and additions for the new Xbox, should the One really be the ‘one?’

At first, let’s try to check the price. The Xbox One, compared to the latest Sony PS4, is actually $100 more expensive, but Microsoft is obviously trying to tame the listeners. Part of the big and surprising price hike is the notion that the Xbox will be the only one entertainment system everyone’s going to need for a typical living room. It can play Blu-rays. It connects directly to your cable for live TV sessions; it comes with online video streaming. Skyping. A much updated Windows operating system and environment. And now it includes the once-optional Kinect (2nd generation), a compartment where most of the ‘physics’ take place. However, one thing to note a head though, you also need at least $60 more for a premium account per year to enjoy all of these services.

The Microsoft Xbox One also doesn’t look modern, and hardly does it look like it’s really for gamers as well. Cracking up the Xbox One reveals some seemingly-unsurprising hardware specs like an eight-core CPU, 8GB of DDR RAM, 500GB of fixed storage, a mediocre GPU, and some wireless capabilities except Bluetooth. All in all, the Xbox One is one piece of a bulky game console that it weighs 8lbs. for a 13.5×10.4×3.2 inches body. Then there’s the Kinect 2.0 body, which you should also intelligently place just around your Xbox One. It’s not necessary, but you don’t want to waste your money only leaving the set inside the box.

Now, when it comes to gaming, the big price you have paid will soon be very evident because of the dramatic improvement especially in processing capabilities and graphics performance. Games such as the ones offered by EA are all taking advantage of the improved hardware, with more details, less distracting hiccups, and of course, some minor additions like opening multiple apps or games at once without overcrowding the system. Unfortunately though, the improvement in the system did not really bring that much game titles to take full advantage of them. There are many, of course, but only a few are notable that you’d love to try immediately.

The controller also has a more comfortable grip and a more tactile feel especially for the thumbsticks. Though I would still ask for some solid feel whenever I lift up a controller, I am actually amazed to the One’s new feature that keys you instantly as a player with the help of the new Kinect. I still do not love the plasticky feel of the d-pad, but all in all, the controller is at least seriously refined.

Microsoft has also pushed a lot of improvements to the interface, especially when they wanted to take more advantage of the new Kinect. However, I still think that the interface is boring despite being smooth. Motion sensing and voice recognitions were actually almost perfectly responsive and accurate, but you cannot actually do much than simple gestures, after all (not unless you’re willing to commit into memory the 30 new commands). Moreover, talking to the Kinect still felt like talking to a machine, and I think their promise of improving the ‘selective listening’ feature from the Kinect isn’t really something that you can already be proud of… at least for now.

There’s still a lot more to talk about the new Xbox One of Microsoft. However, to make my early conclusions, I’d say that the new game console is at least comparable and is competing hand-in-hand with its rival, the PS4. The ambitious additions in the Xbox One such as the live TV integration do work fine, but they’re not without flaws, and obviously, they still have a long way to go. The forceful inclusion of the Kinect, on the other hand, can be seen both as a waste and as a complement. But all in all, Xbox One is all about how you’re going to use it, and to what extent you’d want it to rule over your living room.

Microsoft Xbox One Game Console Price in the Philippines: Approximately Php 28,500.00

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