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If Google partners with Samsung or HP for a Chromebook, they do also love making something out with the help of other brands such as Motorola, which they bought (oh, I must not miss that Lenovo has already bought the brand lately). Before there was the Motorola X: a budget smartphone with outstanding features while enjoying the richness of untainted Android OS. But all those beautiful additions and features seemed to be costly to the low-budgeted ones. Until the arrival of the Moto G.

We do not really know what the ‘G’ stands for, but the Moto G is very comparative to the pricier competitor. The Moto G now is priced at only $179.99, and you get almost the same experience, i.e., if you are not essentially asking for more for the lower price. Expected for such a low price, you can only get the Moto G as a phone that you can use, not ‘the phone’ that you would always want to use. No, I don’t mean the Moto G to be a disposable one that you can easily replace, but if you have a tablet, a PC, or an ultrabook, and you just want a phone that will back you up and help you make calls, then this is a good piece to look at.

Starting with the look, the Motorola Moto G is plastic as expected, with a non-gloss matte (slightly rubbery) finish on it. What makes the Moto G a little different to most smartphones in its class is that it has a curved back surface, making it wobble and dance a little when you place it on top of a desk. The Moto G measures 6mm at its thinnest point down to 11.6mm, which makes it really isn’t thin at all. It also has a weight, which is average at 143grams. You can, however, mistaken the Motorola Moto G to be smaller because it has a big screen which makes the bezels and other areas of the phone going unnoticed when being used.

The Moto G comes with a 4.5-inch, 1280x720p display at 329ppi. Surely, for its big size at a relatively small body, that screen is actually sharp and friendly already for making calls, sending SMS, playing games, and even surfing the web. However, if you want ‘good’ technology for such a display, that of Moto G is just an ordinary one. Viewing angles suffer quickly in just a tilt, and the screen reflects much of the environment. Colors are largely considered to be pale by many, but for those who have tried the oversaturation of many OLED technology, they’d sure prefer the display of the Moto G.

We’ve got two cameras thankfully for such a price, that aside from the front-facing 1.3 MP camera, a 5MP camera with flash is at the back. Unfortunately, upon my first impressions, the camera is more like useless. Yes, you can enjoy some shots, but the laggishness, the lack of sharpness and details, and the shortage of a reliable focusing system makes the 5MP look more like a blasted VGA camera. At least, though, the speakers on the Motorola Moto G is quite loud for its size, and this should do good for watching movies with friends, i.e., if they’re willing to take the agony of watching from a pale angle. And talking about movies, by the way, you won’t get to store much because you only got 8GB of internal storage without memory expansion; you’re lucky if you got the rare 16GB version.

The Motorola Moto G runs on a very good Android 4.3 OS, plus a guaranteed update to the latest KitKat version of Android. You get to enjoy the stock apps and features on this Moto G, and hardly you can notice any changes at all. Considering the quad-core 1.2GHz processor and 1GB of RAM in this model, you are really not expected to do some serious multi-tasking as you’d expect for high-end device. You can open one or even up to three apps at once, but expect to observe some hiccups already. Without overly using it, the Moto G is nevertheless very usable and functional for most of the purpose you’d put it into. The all-day battery life claimed by the company is almost getting to be perfectly true, but that is if you can maintain some key conservations such as tuning down the display brightness and turning off the haptic feedback, and only turning on the Wi-Fi when you really need it.

Lastly, what makes the Motorola Moto G a little more interesting are the ‘Motorola Shells’, which are cases of multiple colors at $14.99 each. But all in all, the Moto G is an updated Android device with mediocre performance and budget build quality. You can always use it, rely on it for basic cellular operations, but that’s just it.

Motorola Moto G Android Smartphone Price in the Philippines: Approximately Php 10,000.00

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