Samsung NX2000 Compact Digital Camera

At around $550, what you get from Samsung today is a new model that you can safely tag in between the old NX1000 and NX300. The new title in the name of NX2000 sounded very millennial, and this can be interesting enough for you to know what really is in the package. Will the new […]

Google Nexus 5 Android Smartphone

The late Google Nexus 4 (together with the 7-inch version) was among the respected smart devices ever, not because it is a high-end device, but simply because it can do a lot of things without a high price. However, though the Nexus 4 was a favorite choice of the many, the fact is that it […]

Microsoft Surface 2 Windows 8 Tablet

There is so much to gripe about the first version of Microsoft’s own slate in the name of Surface. To mention some, we have a big battery issue, limited warehouse of apps to use and enjoy, and the lack of support for legacy Windows apps (at least for the RT version of the surface). Moreover, […]

Apple iPhone 5s Smartphone

Is the new iPhone 5 still not premium enough for you? Want it made out of gold? Too visually stellar? How about a faster performance? Whether you like it or not, Apple itself is not satisfied, that’s why they came up with the new iPhone 5s. Compared to the cheaper counterpart called the 5c, this […]

Fujifilm X-M1 Compact Digital Camera

If you are not capable of extracting that good amount of fruit of labor to buy and hence take full use of the X-E1 and X-Pro 1 of Fujifilm, then you would be glad to see another X model from the company that costs only $800 but with a superb image quality. Aside from a […]

Samsung Galaxy Gear Android Smartwatch

These days’ list of smartphones are actually responding to one simple thing: they are trying to ease life. Each of the smartphones aims at becoming a ‘master-of-all’ thing, meaning, a model or another would want to dominate as a device for many uses. Taking a look at this further, who would have thought that even […]

Samsung Ativ Book 9 Plus Windows 8 Laptop

If you are still looking for a super-powered ultrabook that is true to being portable and user-friendly like slates, then this slate-looking Samsung gear should amount well to your needs. Introducing the new Ativ Book 9 Plus of Samsung, finally there’s a strong contender to the mouth-watering Retina display offered on many Apple devices. What […]

BlackBerry Z30 Smartphone

Perhaps the biggest trouble BlackBerry—or formerly RIM—fans face nowadays is that, the company is now getting unpredictable and is no longer future-proof, so to say. However, this does not stop the company into making their customers loyal to their brand, more because the leading operating systems are strong counterparts to stay up with. Today, I […]

Apple iPad Air Tablet Computer

One thing so great about Apple is that, the company is a shaker-and-mover. They start out things, which are guaranteed to be lovable by people, and even handing them the real devices for them to madly fall in love with. This is again proven with the new 5th-generation iPad coined with the name ‘Air.’ The […]

Sonos Play:1 Wireless Speaker

The Sonos line of audio hardware is a highly respected brand, more because people naturally love the products. Particular to that line of products is the unique feature of versatility, allowing one piece of Sonos hardware to connect to another Sonos hardware wirelessly through the available spaces in a home, for example. However, such products […]