Asus Transformer Book T100 Convertible Ultrabook

The battle for the greatest ultrabooks seemed like it’s never going to end, more because there are always fresher ideas to welcome especially the new Windows 8.1 operating system in full blast. There’re also a lot of devices already claiming to be ‘hybrids,’ i.e., a combination of both a tablet and an ultrabook. The question […]

Asus MeMO Pad HD 7 Android Tablet Computer

The 7-incher Memo pad of Asus that we have heard before was quite a failure in its own way, making it optimized and only good for reading and simple web browsing. Cognizant of this insufficiency to the cheaper 7-incher slate candidate, the company again came up with the newer version of it as they did […]

Asus Zenbook Infinity Windows 8 Ultrabook

Just like what was heard and promised, Asus finally gave us a few short glimpses on the new Zenbook it has recently. Named ‘Infinity,’ this new Asus model promises a lot of big things for users who have always admired the series. The Infinity was revealed in full shape at Computex, and the results are […]

ASUS Transformer Book Convertible Ultrabook

There’s no doubt the Zenbook Prime of Asus is stellar in build quality and aesthetics, and there’s no question how it gets the most spotlighting ever. If you’re familiar with this monster from Asus, you better get to know that the same company now offers a modified version of it by mixing it with a […]

ASUS Transformer AIO P1801 All-in-One Desktop Computer

Hybrid PCs/ultrabooks have been around the bush for a long while now and they really served well in mixing PC experience with a mobile one. Thanks also to Android, mobile experience has gone a lot way far too better and convenient, not to mention how Apple also kept up in monitoring people’s needs. However, while […]

Asus VivoTab Smart Windows 8 Tablet

We’ve known Asus to be really good with tablets, more when the company awed us with their Transformer series. Knowing how ‘hot’ such delicate tastes are, Asus managed to give more of what customers have asked; though Asus did not make a long line of siblings for the original Transformers, they’ve managed to create the […]

Asus Taichi Convertible Ultrabook

Honestly I’ve been put to a thought on how people messed up or quarreled about having the best multifunction device all in one same package in the most absolute convenience imaginable. Included in this thought is the (im)possibility of having an ultrabook that has a built-in projector plus an overwhelming audio for a total conference-ready […]

ASUS Zenbook Prime UX51Vz

If you were familiar with Asus’ latest releases of the Zenbook series, you’d sure find the same awesomeness with the series’ new model: the UX51Vz. Piled with some almost perpendicular models under the UX500 line and onwards, the UX51Vz is but a unibody piece of aluminum properly refined for that gorgeous look and feel but […]

Asus PadFone 2 Android Smartphone + Tablet

It has been a while since we held Asus’ innovative phone solution wherein the phone gets a solid-cased cabin right in a tablet: the PadFone with its Station. The PadFone was actually on the top among with the other smartphones that time, featuring a dual-core processor and a gorgeous display. Adding to this is the […]

ASUS A46 SlimBook 14-inch Laptop

I personally have bias when it comes to laptop brands. Though I am still keen with the latest reviews about the latest models from top manufacturing companies, I am still indignant to feel my favorite brand on top of the other; Asus has been my favorite in all ways. However, like any other computer companies, […]