BlackBerry Z30 Smartphone

Perhaps the biggest trouble BlackBerry—or formerly RIM—fans face nowadays is that, the company is now getting unpredictable and is no longer future-proof, so to say. However, this does not stop the company into making their customers loyal to their brand, more because the leading operating systems are strong counterparts to stay up with. Today, I […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 Android Smartphone

I had the most luxurious time of my digital life to have an exclusive access to the Samsung’s new Android flagship phone, the Galaxy S4. An obvious successor to Android’s top-selling phone, the Galaxy S3, the S4 is but the result of teasers and rumors put into a phone in the smartest of ways. The […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom Android Smartphone / Digital Camera

For all of you who have been ‘following’ the S4 models of Samsung, you would be too aware of the S4 Mini and the Samsung Galaxy Camera, which happened before if not lately. However, both of the devices have their own limits, and thus here comes the hybrid of the two—if not a seedling: the […]

HTC One Mini Android Smartphone

If you think that phablets of today now are getting into the mini versions of each them, you might be right. Belonging to this new trend is the shrunk-down of the reputed HTC One—the ‘one’ that brings front-facing stereo speakers and superb specs and features in one go. There’re a lot of mini’s already out […]

Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 Android Smartphone / Tablet

I still remember the time when we are all laughing about the big smartphone idea, i.e, phones with big, big screens. Surprisingly, it was not really that late when we encountered the first 5-incher smartphones that surely hit the market just fine. Seemingly not enough and asking for more, here now comes the super mega […]

Lenovo IdeaPhone K900 Android Smartphone

It’s a bit bad to hear that Lenovo released its new top-of-the-line K900 to sniff around the mobile world only on the eastern side of the world particularly to China. Lenovo has been known worldwide for catering a wide range of products which include smartphones, and it still puzzles me what Lenovo only launched the […]

Nokia Lumia 928 Windows 8 Smartphone

While AT&T has Nokia’s (nearly) top-of-the-line Lumia 920 as its top Windows phone, and T-Mobile now has the metallic Lumia 925 counterpart, how about Verizon? You’re lucky today, because I am about to unveil to you another Lumia of Nokia that packs almost the same good Windows phone package, but with differences you can hardly […]

Sony Xperia Z Ultra Android Smartphone / Tablet

The Xperia Z of Sony is crazy… it absolutely is. It’s just too good to be true, too powerful and too detailed in design. Its price is a bit too much, too, but what you get is a phone that will really tremble you for a stumble. Not enough? Here’s the bigger bone for those […]

Acer Liquid S1 Android Smartphone

It must be quite early for us to say that Acer equals smartphone equipment manufacturer, however, we still give a fair bet that they will do pretty good in a near time. Take not of the last four words there—in a near time, because their latest entry in the name of Liquid S1 is not […]

Alcatel One Touch Idol Ultra Android Smartphone

We’d learned to love the One Touch series of Alcatel, or technically, of TCL Communications (the OEM). The One Touch Idol among the series is among the most sought, not only because it is relatively cheap, but also because it has all the goodies a typical modern smartphone should have and be. However, cognizant of […]