Blackberry Bold 2 9700 Price in the Philippines (as of March 2010)

Blackberry Bold 2 9700 Price: The Blackberry Bold 2 9700 is the latest generation of smartphone made by Research In Motion (RIM). It has a large hi-resolution (480 x 360 pixel) screen that is capable of displaying over 65,000 colors. Its main advantage over the iPhone is its well-spaced QWERTY keyboard that will make typing […]

iPhone 3Gs Price in the Philippines (as of March 2010)

Apple iPhone 3Gs Price: The Apple iPhone 3Gs is still exclusively distributed here in the Philippines by Globe. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t buy an unlocked (open line) version of this super smartphone because it is being sold in some malls and stores across the country. It’s just that the unlocked iPhone 3Gs […]

Motorola Backflip Price (estimated) in the Philippines

Motorola Backflip Price: The innovative smartphone from Motorola called the Backflip is now available in the US. So if you have relatives there that can buy one for you, prepare to shell out $349.99 (around Php16,500). –That’s already the price of the unlocked unit or open line or whatever you may call it. I think […]