Huawei Ascend P6 Android Smartphone

Which company is better in smartphones, Apple or Huawei? When I hear that question, I felt nauseated already, because the ‘gap’ can be very vast. However, we may not know if these companies really are friendlies, more if you learn that Huawei is really trying to replicate the iPhone 5 at least in terms to […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 Active Android Smartphone

Let’s admit it: Samsung is just getting more serious and more serious, and… you said it. Lately, we’ve heard about the new cousins of the flagship Galaxy S4 in different names, from the Mini for the budget-conscious users to the S4 Zoom for the extra camera feature. Now, if you are tired of always going […]

Huawei Ascend Mate Android Smartphone/Tablet

No firm has truly mandated that ‘phones should only be locked to these sizes, and tablets should only bridge the size from this point to this point especially to the display.’ I still remember two or three years ago when smartphones were just on its early morning state, 3.5-inch displays were already considered big, and […]

Nokia Lumia 925 Windows 8 Smartphone

We’ve known the Lumia 920 of Nokia to be Windows 8 phones’ flagship model. The device was almost said to be perfect in its time, and the goodies the model promises are but enough to make it sell on its own even without reference to Android competitors. However, Nokia is obviously not yet ‘done’ with […]

Sony Xperia SP Android Smartphone

We’ve known the kings and queens of smartphones today, and the list includes the Xperia Z of Sony. The Z is indeed a marvel that have conquered a great range of smartphones nearby, though being a competitor to the iPhone 5 and HTC One is also noticeable. However, the Z of Sony has a big […]

Alcatel One Touch Scribe HD Android Smartphone

For so long since we witnessed the exceptional stylus offered by Samsung in its line of devices, we have not yet encountered any other competitors who offer almost the same tech with such capabilities and responsiveness, not to mention the style as well. We also witnessed that while we cannot get the same stylus once […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Android Smartphone

If there be one big reason that one would not want the new flagship of Samsung which is the Galaxy S4, it would not only be the price but rather the size. Well, anyone can really validly ask if they are ready themselves for 5-incher smartphones, and the answers can get really put borders on […]

Huawei Ascend W1 Windows 8 Smartphone

While Windows 8 has been set to the battle already for almost a year now for mobile phones, I honestly still find it hard to comprehend the OS to be truly stable and reliable in its today’s state. I may not really answer it that much and support it with evidence, but all I know […]

Nokia Lumia 720 Windows 8 Smartphone

I think almost 99% of smartphone geeks do know the Lumia series of Nokia, and it’s that familiar youthful-looking series of smartphones with an edgy feel and that which caters Windows 8. Nokia, unlike some beliefs, do excel on this series of theirs, and catering Windows 8 is by all means no joke for a […]

Huawei Ascend G510 Android Smartphone

I am not really sure with this, but I think dual-SIM phones are more preferred—hence more sold—on the eastern side of the earth than on the contrary. This may be due to a lot of things, but one thing I am so certain is that these phones are really valuable; well, what else can you […]