Apple Mac Pro (2013) Desktop Computer

Apple has been an icon of technological innovation for more than a decade now, and their introduction to a lot of incredible devices and appliances did really help people derive better and more powerful ideas. One big problem with Apple though in relation to their fans or users is that, they are too innovative that […]

Lenovo IdeaCentre Horizon All-in-One Tablet PC

If you’ve been wondering whether the next generation PCs would only come in the shape of a hybrid system as we are often offered nowadays, think again! This is the main idea AIO PCs are still feeding our brains and interests, and truly, they serve some great purposes hybrid ultrabooks and systems fail to offer […]

Lenovo ThinkCentre Edge 92z AIO Desktop Computer

Desktop PCs are still widely used up to this date because of the high versatility, expandability, and recoverability it caters to serious IT users. However, these mammoths may not be friendly enough for those space-conscious, not to mention how they also consume that much energy when compared to ultrabooks and slates. Luckily, there’s the idea […]

Lenovo IdeaCentre C540 Touch All-in-One Desktop Computer

Lenovo launches two AIO PCs during the last CES with the model names of A730 and C540 from the IdeaCentre series. Both are aimed at selling Windows 8 PCs specifically for families at a significantly much cheaper price than usual, and the two comes in their own sizes as well, namely a 27-incher and a […]

ASUS Transformer AIO P1801 All-in-One Desktop Computer

Hybrid PCs/ultrabooks have been around the bush for a long while now and they really served well in mixing PC experience with a mobile one. Thanks also to Android, mobile experience has gone a lot way far too better and convenient, not to mention how Apple also kept up in monitoring people’s needs. However, while […]

Dell XPS One 27 Touch All-in-One Desktop Computer

If you’d ask me anything about the things I hate about Apple’s new iMac, it would be that it sacrificed an ODD for the stunningly gorgeous form or aesthetics. Thanks to Dell for bringing up its new XPS model—the One 27 Touch—finally Apple must have something to worry about at least in some few enumerable […]

Acer Aspire 7600U All-in-One Desktop PC

It’s not anymore new for all of us to see touch-capable displays laid flat like a desk surface for families to enjoy games or even media files. However, when the new Windows 8 came into surface also, families are promised of a more versatile and interactive experience, more if it is with a bigger flatter […]

Apple iMac 2012 All-in-One Desktop Computer

I am not totally busted out by any technology not other than those designs offered by Apple. I am not really a fan of the brand since I really never owned one with my name on it, but as of now I think I’ll be crying out loud to have its new design: the iMac […]

HP TouchSmart 520t All-in-One PC

TouchSmart PCs have been a great asset to HP. What’s so different with this series is that they are fully touch capable making modern PC experience a step closer to enjoying the upcoming ultimate version of the Windows that is very particular to touch. Well, that’s not simply the ‘thing’ that keeps the said series […]

Lenovo IdeaCentre A720 Desktop Computer

The television technology has really evolved exponentially in terms of innovative solutions to bring out more dimensions to user experience, thus lifting up lifestyle quality to the maximum level possible. With this said, Smart TVs have popped up like fungi around appliance markets, and each brand offers distinct features as weapons against their competitors. These […]