Amazon Kindle Touch E-Book Reader

Amazon Kindle Touch Price in the Philippines, Features, and Other Info: The Kindle Touch is the latest e-Ink reader from Amazon. It features a multi-touch sensitive screen and seems to be the closest one would ever get to having a true digital book. In fact, it is one of the best selling e-readers in the […]

Kobo eReader Touch Edition e-Book Reader

Kobo eReader Touch Edition Price, Features and Other Info: We take a look at the Kobo eReader Touch Edition, the company’s new entry to the eReader competitions. We give you our impressions of the device after spending some time with it so just continue reading for the full details. Design and construction In an eReader […]

Barnes and Noble Nook Color eBook Reader Review: Price, Features, Specs

Ever since the ebook reader boom began, people have been wanting to get their hands on a reader with a color display. Barnes and Noble obliged them and released the Nook Color with a 7-inch color LCD display to satisfy that need. Not only that, with the Nook Color running Android for its operating system, […]

Review: Amazon Kindle 3 Price in the Philippines, Features and Other Details

Review: Amazon Kindle 3 Price in the Philippines, Features and Other Details – With the release of the iPad and other tablet devices, many started writing off dedicated eBook readers like the Kindle saying there was no place for devices dedicated to doing just one task when there are far powerful devices that can do […]

Sony Reader Pocket Edition PRS-350SC Price, Features and Specs

Sony Reader Pocket Edition PRS-350SC Price, Features and Specs: Love books but don’t want that extra weight when you travel? Check out the thin and lightweight Sony Reader Pocket Edition or Sony PRS-350SC. It boasts a 5 inch intuitive touch screen display that’s portable, simple, easy to use and convenient for on-the go reading. Its […]

Amazon Kindle 2 Price in the Philippines

Amazon Kindle 2 Price in the Philippines: If you love books, then you might be salivating with the number one eBook reader today, the Amazon Kindle 2. However, if you want an eBook reader in full color + tons of other innovative features, you may want to consider getting the more expensive Apple iPad instead. […]

Barnes & Noble Nook Price in the Philippines

Barnes & Noble Nook Price: Next to the Amazon Kindle, the Barnes & Noble Nook is perhaps the most popular ebook reader to date. It was introduced in October 2009 and was immediately available to consumers by November. The Barnes & Noble Nook is the first electronic book reader to be based on the Android […]