Honda Civic Price in the Philippines as of May 2012

Honda Civic Price in the Philippines as of May 2012: The Honda Civic is one of the most well-known subcompact and later on considered as compact cars here in the Philippines. Since its popularity here in our country only began in the early 90s, perhaps not many of you know that the Civic was introduced […]

Honda City Price List as of September 2011

Honda City Price List: The Honda City is a popular subcompact vehicle produced by Honda Motors since 1981. In Japan domestic market, it was known as Honda Fit Aria from 2002 to 2008. The latest model of Honda City was launched here in the Philippines on January 7, 2009 with four variations; 1.3 S with […]

Honda Accord Price List (as of August 2011)

Honda Accord Price List: The Honda Accord is a popular Japanese medium-sized vehicle that’s manufactured by Honda Motor Company since 1976 and debuted as a compact hatchback. The name Accord reflects Honda’s desire for accord or harmony between people, society and the automobile. In the United States, the Honda Accord was the best-selling Japanese car […]

Honda Jazz Price List (as of May 2011)

Honda Jazz Price List: The Honda Jazz (also called Honda Fit) is a small but ultra-comfortable five-door hatchback subcompact vehicle that is specifically manufactured for budget conscious or practical consumers. It shares Honda’s “Global Small Car Platform” with other cars like the Honda City. For its cute size, the Honda Jazz has a more spacious […]

Honda CR-V Price List (as of April 2011)

Honda CR-V Price List: The Honda CR-V (Compact Recreational Vehicle) is a compact crossover sport utility vehicle (SUV) that is really popular here in the Philippines and is a direct competitor to the also well-known Toyota RAV4. It became the best-selling SUV in the United States in 2007 beating the Ford Explorer. The Honda CR-V […]

Honda XR 200 Price in the Philippines (as of May 2010)

Honda XR 200 Price: The Honda XR 200 is an off-road motorcycle that is loaded with a powerful 200cc four stroke engine, and features a superior rear cushion. The XR series motorcycle is a range of single cylinder four-stroke off-road motorcycles that were designed in Japan and assembled all through out the world. The XR […]

Honda TMX 155 Price in the Philippines (as of May 2010)

Honda TMX 155 Price: The Honda TMX 155 is a business model motorcycle. It is a 155.3 cc 4-stroke, OHV, air-cooled powerhouse intended for heavy-duty tricycle use. The Honda TMX 155 has a 4 Down Manual Transmission and a primary kick-starter, as well as a Magneto AC-CDI ignition. Its telescopic fork front suspension and twin […]

Honda Wave 125 Price in the Philippines (as of May 2010)

Honda Wave 125 Price: The Honda Wave is an underbone-style motorcycle that serves as a successor of the world’s most popular motorcycle model, the Honda Cub series. It is popular in several Asian countries like the Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Thailand. This is because the Honda Wave can be easily customized, and parts and drivetrain […]

Honda XRM 125 Price in the Philippines (as of April 2010)

Honda XRM 125 Price: The Honda XRM is an underbone-style motorcycle that uses the 125 cc engine from the Honda Wave. It is designed for both on- and off-road driving condition. The Honda XRM has been quite popular here in the Philippines, particularly with underbone riding culture, where numerous rider clubs being formed. This is […]