HTC One Max Android Smartphone

It was just a few months ago when the leading smartphones include Samsung Galaxy S4, iPhone 5, and HTC One, but again, that was months ago. These days, we are already awed with the entrance of the ‘enhanced versions’ of these once-leading smartphones. Though technically the enhancements were almost about sizes and form factor, some […]

HTC One Mini Android Smartphone

If you think that phablets of today now are getting into the mini versions of each them, you might be right. Belonging to this new trend is the shrunk-down of the reputed HTC One—the ‘one’ that brings front-facing stereo speakers and superb specs and features in one go. There’re a lot of mini’s already out […]

HTC One Android Smartphone

Thought everybody just loved the rugged and timeless design Apple has offered in its generation of iPhones. Truly as it is, companies nowadays are already on the way to replicating the design with a little touch of their own originality while adding some seemingly third-party ideas as well. All these are but evident in the […]

HTC Butterfly Android Smartphone

Here’s the flat deal: for $750, you get a 5-incher Jellybean smartphone with that gorgeous display, plus the option to choose for an LTE-capable unit or not. This is what makes the new Butterfly of HTC so unique. The company must have gone through a serious drawback during their conferences, making the new HTC model […]

HTC One XL Android Smartphone

Price in the Philippines of HTC One XL Android Smartphone: If you are considering a phone that’s just right for today, for your needs, and even for your wants, you might want to check on HTC’s hot list of smartphones. Phones included in the list are exceptionally featured without the surprising price range, though you’d […]

HTC Windows Phone 8S Smartphone

HTC is proud to release its new line of Windows 8 smartphones in 8X and 8S models. Both smartphones portray such a very distinct character, making a lot of people tag the line ‘what a Windows phone should be,’ and this is because of the eye-candy colored bodies in different options, and has a very […]

HTC One X+ Android Smartphone

I was once (and twice) tantalized by how amazing smartphones really can be especially when HTC released its HTC One X late this year. People like me have loved the design so well, not only on its looks and features, but because it is just smart enough to comply with everyday demands from cooking to […]

HTC Windows Phone 8X Smartphone

I love Windows. No offense to Mac and Linux users. I love Windows it makes me thirst, and I cannot wait longer to see the final and official release of Windows 8. However, when it comes to smartphones, I am quite disappointed in such a way I hoped it stayed as a PC platform only. […]

HTC Desire C Android Smartphone

The Desire C is part of a quartet of Desire smartphones that hit the market very recently from the Taiwanese phone maker HTC. The Desires are the line up of the company that caters to those consumers who want fully featured smartphones but are on a tight budget. (This is in contrast to the HTC […]

HTC One S Android Smartphone Price in the Philippines + Other Details

HTC One S Android Smartphone Price in the Philippines, Features, and Other Details: The HTC One S may as well be one of those smartphones that have captured the hearts of gadget reviewers everywhere. It is one of the latest releases from HTC using Android 4.0 OS, and so far, people seem to love it. […]