Amazon Kindle Fire HDX Tablet Computer

Amazon has been considerably successful enough in their first attempt at catering tablets especially for their Prime members, and now with only a year or more after, another tablet is about to steal the show. The first Kindle Fire HD boasted of a lot of features, such as a very good and friendly reading screen […]

Amazon Kindle Fire HD Tablet

“The world’s most advanced tablet,” said Amazon regarding its new Kindle Fire HD. It may sound like it truly is, after it put a cyclone into the tablet marketplace and compromised Apple’s and other competitors’ attention. Who would not want to dare and try this almost-all-in-one package at a much cheaper price of $199 for […]

Amazon Kindle Touch E-Book Reader

Amazon Kindle Touch Price in the Philippines, Features, and Other Info: The Kindle Touch is the latest e-Ink reader from Amazon. It features a multi-touch sensitive screen and seems to be the closest one would ever get to having a true digital book. In fact, it is one of the best selling e-readers in the […]

Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet Computer

Amazon Kindle Fire Price in the Philippines, Features and Other Info: With the announcement of Kindle Fire, Amazon is clearly taking a different approach at trying to stop the Apple iPad 2 craze. They unleashed a 7-inch tablet with attractive design, awesome operating system, and powerful hardware specifications. What’s the catch? You could buy the […]

Review: Amazon Kindle 3 Price in the Philippines, Features and Other Details

Review: Amazon Kindle 3 Price in the Philippines, Features and Other Details – With the release of the iPad and other tablet devices, many started writing off dedicated eBook readers like the Kindle saying there was no place for devices dedicated to doing just one task when there are far powerful devices that can do […]

Amazon Kindle 2 Price in the Philippines

Amazon Kindle 2 Price in the Philippines: If you love books, then you might be salivating with the number one eBook reader today, the Amazon Kindle 2. However, if you want an eBook reader in full color + tons of other innovative features, you may want to consider getting the more expensive Apple iPad instead. […]