Asus Zenbook Infinity Windows 8 Ultrabook

Just like what was heard and promised, Asus finally gave us a few short glimpses on the new Zenbook it has recently. Named ‘Infinity,’ this new Asus model promises a lot of big things for users who have always admired the series. The Infinity was revealed in full shape at Computex, and the results are […]

Toshiba Satellite U940 14-inch Ultrabook

If you are looking for a good notebook idea with the power of a small SSD for caching and easy boot-up times, then it’s time to take a look at what Toshiba has to offer in their new Satellite model named U940. With a price configuration that starts at around $699, you can already get […]

Samsung Series 5 Ultra Laptop Computer

Windows 7 or Windows 8? I think it is more of a question of whether you want a touch interface or not. Practically speaking, the latter OS is pretty much alike to its predecessor except for the Metro UI, which really demands a touch panel to work with. Nonetheless, the question is more a matter […]

HP Pavilion 14 Chromebook Laptop Computer

Heard about the Chromebook? That’s that small devices for users who just wanted to surf the web and enjoy the cloud service offered by Google in its apps. The Chromebook has been known for being petite and catering only these Google-specific apps and features—nothing else. However, Google must have heard some of the needs of […]

Sony VAIO Pro 11 Windows 8 Ultrabook

We are glad to hear about the release of the new Haswell as the fourth-generation processors of Intel, and better than these, the fast line-up of devices that come with it. Included in the shortlist of performers that promise an expected better battery life without compromise to performance is Sony’s new Pro 11 (and 13) […]

Samsung ATIV Q Windows 8 / Android Hybrid Tablet

Samsung is not only one of the leading OEMs to produce real smart devices, but they actually also lead in the number of models being produced. Among the leading series of the company is the ATIV, and lately, we have been slightly introduced to the new Q of the said series. The ATIV Q is […]

Toshiba Kirabook Windows 8 Laptop Computer

Love the Retina display of the MacBook Pro? Finally, we are now about to face a new world of ‘Retina’ displays but no longer using Mac OS X, but with a full-featured Windows 8 OS! This is the newest flagship offered by Toshiba in the name of the Kirabook, and it will be available by […]

HP Pavilion TouchSmart 15z-b000 Sleekbook Laptop Computer

You cannot often see a budget laptop to have a discrete graphics card, multiple USB 3.0 ports, and a 15.6-inch display in one package. That is what makes HP’s new Pavilion model a head-turner because for a price that starts well at around $650, you get all of those new features plus the bonus of […]

ASUS Transformer Book Convertible Ultrabook

There’s no doubt the Zenbook Prime of Asus is stellar in build quality and aesthetics, and there’s no question how it gets the most spotlighting ever. If you’re familiar with this monster from Asus, you better get to know that the same company now offers a modified version of it by mixing it with a […]

Lenovo IdeaPad Y500 Gaming Laptop Computer

If you are looking for a gaming PC but without the million-dollar cases of bucks, you might want to look at what Lenovo offers. Though the new IdeaPad model in the name of Y500 does not come with highly prestigious build quality and features such as a built-in woofer and a 3D stereoscopic display, at […]