Microsoft Xbox One Game Console

It can be easily said that Microsoft is getting more and more ambitious when it comes to gaming, but particularly to their gaming consoles. After a few years since we knew Xbox 360, the new Xbox One is about to steal at least a large portion of gamers around the globe. At first, I can […]

Nokia Lumia 1320 Windows 8 Smartphone

We have encountered these a couple of years Nokia’s line of Windows smartphone as retrieval to their identity after the Symbian age. With a lot of choices to choose from, Nokia’s Windows phones hardly get the spotlight—I mean a very limited few can really be noteworthy for comparisons. This, however, does not deplete the company’s […]

Microsoft Surface 2 Windows 8 Tablet

There is so much to gripe about the first version of Microsoft’s own slate in the name of Surface. To mention some, we have a big battery issue, limited warehouse of apps to use and enjoy, and the lack of support for legacy Windows apps (at least for the RT version of the surface). Moreover, […]

Microsoft Surface Pro Windows 8 Tablet Computer

The Windows 8 can still be hard to be called as a success even until today, and honestly, I am not a big fan also. Nevertheless, I still appreciate Microsoft’s solid effort to satisfy its customers and clients, and with media and communication made even easier, they managed to cope up to people’s needs—at least […]

Microsoft Surface Windows 8 Tablet Computer

Microsoft Surface Windows 8 Tablet Overview + Latest Price in the Philippines: A genuine leader in software development, Microsoft has also taken the bait to go against the ‘digital raging bulls.’ O yes, there’ve been a lot of rivals ready to push Windows off the surface, and some have successfully done so by introducing a […]

Microsoft Zune HD Portable Media Player Price and Features

Microsoft Zune HD Portable Media Player Price and Features: Maximize your entertainment experience with clear and crisp HD content, stellar audio performance, wireless internet streaming and many more with the Zune HD. This sleek, sexy and solid portable media player features a multi-touch 3.3 inch 480 x 272 OLED display which views vivid pictures, 3D […]

Kinect for Xbox 360 Price and Features

Kinect for Xbox 360 Price and Features: The Kinect for Xbox 360 is Microsoft’s answer to the PlayStation Move and the Nintendo Wii controllers. It is described as a controller-free gaming and entertainment experience that replaces the traditional or physical Xbox 360 controller. The Kinect allows users to control and interact with the Xbox 360 […]

Xbox 360 Price in the Philippines (as of August 2010)

Xbox 360 Price in the Philippines: The Microsoft Xbox 360 gaming console is next to the Nintendo Wii when it comes to popularity. It is the second video game console created by Microsoft, and is part of the seventh generation of video game consoles. As of August 2010, the Xbox 360 Arcade (with 256MB storage) […]

Microsoft Office 2010 Price in Philippine Peso

Microsoft Office 2010 Price: Office 2010 is the latest productivity and office suite released by Microsoft that serves as the successor to Office 2007. It offers an enhanced user interface and user experience with built-in screen capture tool, background removal tool, a protected document mode, new SmartArt templates and author permissions. Microsoft Office 2010 supports […]

Microsoft Windows 7 Price in the Philippines (as of March 2010)

Microsoft Windows 7 Price: We’ve contacted several electronics and computer shops particularly Microsoft’s Official Partner Retailers here in the Philippines, and came up with the price range of Windows 7 (original copy) updated as of March 2010. I know a lot of you are searching for the price list of several Windows 7 editions, so […]