Mitsubishi L300 Price in the Philippines (As of July 2013)

Mitsubishi L300 Price in the Philippines (As of July 2013): Manufactured since 1968, the Mitsubishi L300 is one of the most well known minivans here in the Philippines, primarily competing with the Toyota Hiace. It is used like a multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) mainly because it functions as a family van, PUV, and even as ambulance. […]

Mitsubishi Montero Sport Price in the Philippines (as of May 2012)

Mitsubishi Montero Sport Price in the Philippines (as of May 2012): The Mitsubishi Montero Sport is a very popular medium-sized sport utility vehicle (SUV) that is available with either a 4X2 or a 4X4 drivetrain. It became so popular that it beats its direct competitor, the Toyota Fortuner, in terms of units sold. Currently, there […]

Mitsubishi Fuzion Price in the Philippines (as of December 2011)

Mitsubishi Fuzion Price in the Philippines: The Mitsubishi Fuzion is a sleek-looking multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) that is based on the chassis of Mitsubishi Montero Sport. In 2005, it was first released in Taiwan and is named as Mitsubishi Zinger, making it one of the newest Mitsubishi cars in the market today. Zinger is described as […]

Mitsubishi Adventure Price List (as of October 2011)

Mitsubishi Adventure Price: The Mitsubishi Adventure is a compact multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) manufactured by Mitsubishi Motors and China Motor Corporation for the Asian market. The first model was launched on September 11, 1997 and quickly became one of the best selling cars in Asia. The Mitsubishi Adventure was given major redesigns in 2001 and then […]

Mitsubishi Strada Price List (as of May 2011)

Mitsubishi Strada Price List: Manufactured since 1978, the Mitsubishi Strada (formerly known as Mitsubishi Triton) is a compact pickup truck that was originally known as Mitsubishi Forte in Japan. It has been really popular among pick up truck buyers here in the Philippines and the rest of the world because of its unique and sleek […]

Mitsubishi Pajero Price (as of May 2011)

Mitsubishi Pajero Price: The Mitsubishi Pajero is one of the oldest and most popular sport utility vehicles (SUV) in the Philippines and in the world. It was named after the Pampas Cat “Leopardus pajeros”, which inhabits the Patagonia plateau region in South America, particularly southern Argentina. The first Pajero prototype was displayed at the Tokyo […]