Pentax K-3 DSLR Camera

Following Pentax’s powerful K-5 II/IIs is the company’s new top-of-the-line model in the name of the K-3. To introduce at once, the K-3 is highly comparable and is almost a twin-but-competing rival to Nikon’s trusted D7100. It is still much of an argument if the K-3 of Pentax is now ready to be considered a […]

Pentax K-50 DSLR Camera

We were always attracted to the K-500 of Pentax before, particularly because it was relatively cheap without losing interesting features and functionalities. Following the said model but only upgrading its body and is offered now at up to 120 color combinations, the successor of the K-series now arises in the name of K-50, i.e., omitting […]

Pentax Q10 Compact Digital Camera Price in the Philippines

Trying to change the age of DSLRs to a ‘nano’ stage, Pentax has outdone itself again with its new Q10 over the preceding Q that we knew last year. Sharing almost the same good body and features, the Q10 has a lot more to say in its price of $600 for a 27.5-83mm kit lens. […]

Pentax MX-1 Compact Digital Camera

If Tony Stark would own one camera to be with him in his missions, he would probably opt for the new MX-1 of Pentax. With the seamless attempt to sport a 1/1.7-inch sensor on a relatively small compact camera, the MX-1 of Pentax is one beautiful piece of a camera with SLR-like controls, full metal […]

Pentax K-5 II DSLR Camera

Like the Nikon D7000, Pentax has been known by a large number of people to cater high-grade SLRs for several years now. If you’ve known the Pentax Q and the K-series, particularly the K-5, you’d be sure the company is still catering those weatherproof devices though in a premium price as well. Lately, the company […]

Pentax K-30 DSLR Camera

Pentax’s latest DSLR camera, the K-30, sits just beneath the K-5 and it has full weather sealing. This means the shooter can be used in any weather condition, so let’s see how it gets on in this quick review. The stainless steel chassis contributes to the Pentax K-30’s solid and well-finished build. It feels comfortable […]

Pentax K-01 Compact Digital Camera

The K-01 is a mirrorless camera from Pentax that has a fully featured interchangeable lens. Perhaps its most defining feature is how unique and/or unusual it was designed. The device sports a modern look that most of us will not fail to notice especially the yellow version of the device. It was specifically created by […]

Pentax Optio VS20 Compact Digital Camera

Pentax Optio VS20 Digital Camera Price in the Philippines, Features, and Specs: The main selling features of the Optio VS20, a point and shoot compact digital camera from Pentax, are a second shutter button and zoom lever for the portrait orientation. This allows the user to be in full control of the camera even if […]

Pentax Optio H90 Compact Digital Camera

Pentax Optio H90 Digital Camera Price, Features and Other Details: The camera industry has become more dynamic and more robust in the past couple of years and more recently, we have seen an increase in the number of DSLR users, thereby making the category a lot more famous that it is then. This could be […]

Pentax Q Digital Camera

Pentax Q Digital Camera Price, Features and Other Details: The kind of technology today is something that we can only dream of say, 10 years ago. Technological changes happen at eye-blinding speeds in addition to becoming all-encompassing. Everything is affected by it. Take the example of the simple camera. In the olden days, nobody cared […]