Samsung Series 9 NP900X3D 13-inch Ultrabook

There’s the Macbook Pro, the Macbook Air, the Zenbook of Asus, and the hybrid systems offered by other equipment manufacturers, but all in all, they are among the leading laptops and ultrabooks that offer stunning aesthetics and build quality. To join the competition, Samsung took another bait within the same Series 9, and the NP900X3D […]

Samsung NX2000 Compact Digital Camera

At around $550, what you get from Samsung today is a new model that you can safely tag in between the old NX1000 and NX300. The new title in the name of NX2000 sounded very millennial, and this can be interesting enough for you to know what really is in the package. Will the new […]

Samsung Galaxy Gear Android Smartwatch

These days’ list of smartphones are actually responding to one simple thing: they are trying to ease life. Each of the smartphones aims at becoming a ‘master-of-all’ thing, meaning, a model or another would want to dominate as a device for many uses. Taking a look at this further, who would have thought that even […]

Samsung Ativ Book 9 Plus Windows 8 Laptop

If you are still looking for a super-powered ultrabook that is true to being portable and user-friendly like slates, then this slate-looking Samsung gear should amount well to your needs. Introducing the new Ativ Book 9 Plus of Samsung, finally there’s a strong contender to the mouth-watering Retina display offered on many Apple devices. What […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 Android Smartphone

I had the most luxurious time of my digital life to have an exclusive access to the Samsung’s new Android flagship phone, the Galaxy S4. An obvious successor to Android’s top-selling phone, the Galaxy S3, the S4 is but the result of teasers and rumors put into a phone in the smartest of ways. The […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom Android Smartphone / Digital Camera

For all of you who have been ‘following’ the S4 models of Samsung, you would be too aware of the S4 Mini and the Samsung Galaxy Camera, which happened before if not lately. However, both of the devices have their own limits, and thus here comes the hybrid of the two—if not a seedling: the […]

Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 Android Smartphone / Tablet

I still remember the time when we are all laughing about the big smartphone idea, i.e, phones with big, big screens. Surprisingly, it was not really that late when we encountered the first 5-incher smartphones that surely hit the market just fine. Seemingly not enough and asking for more, here now comes the super mega […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 Android Tablet

The very familiar Galaxy Note 8 of Samsung is soon timed to face its dusk moment, thanks to the new Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 that will replace the tablet of the same size, except some few additions and subtractions. Priced relatively hilariously at $300, this new 8-incher of Samsung is not cheap albeit it offers […]

Samsung Series 5 Ultra Laptop Computer

Windows 7 or Windows 8? I think it is more of a question of whether you want a touch interface or not. Practically speaking, the latter OS is pretty much alike to its predecessor except for the Metro UI, which really demands a touch panel to work with. Nonetheless, the question is more a matter […]

Samsung ATIV Q Windows 8 / Android Hybrid Tablet

Samsung is not only one of the leading OEMs to produce real smart devices, but they actually also lead in the number of models being produced. Among the leading series of the company is the ATIV, and lately, we have been slightly introduced to the new Q of the said series. The ATIV Q is […]