Samsung Galaxy Pocket Android Smartphone

Want a full-featured smartphone named ‘Galaxy’ but without the nose-bleeding price? Choose the new Samsung Galaxy Pocket, which has a price dropped down from $150 to around $110 nowadays. The Galaxy Pocket is not really one great Galaxy model if you paired it with the flagship model namely Samsung Galaxy Note 2 or Galaxy S3, […]

Samsung Galaxy Beam i8530 Android Smartphone / Projector

Price in the Philippines of Samsung Galaxy Beam i8530 Android Smartphone / Projector: Years ago we were so quirky and uneasy about having the bulky projectors on our office desks. They do well so good that presentations—and even movies—looked pretty as eye candy from a distance without the need for a big-screened TV. Who would […]

Samsung Galaxy Compact Android Camera

Samsung Galaxy Compact Android Camera Price in the Philippines, Specifications, and Features: The S3 of Samsung’s Galaxy series, together with the Note 2, brought about a huge mass of a device into the modern digital world by catering the best network opportunities plus the edge on hardware and software alike. Being well reputed already, Samsung […]

Samsung Chromebook XE303 Google Chrome OS Laptop

Price in the Philippines of Samsung Chromebook XE303 Google Chrome OS Laptop: For these past weeks, I was kind of wondering if Google could come up with a good OS to pair up with Microsoft, Android, iOS, or Linux. I never thought Google has one already, but when I heard about it, I was like […]

Google Nexus 10 Android Tablet

Google came up suddenly with a lot of TNT explosives ready to blast competitors off the rail. Though it does not contain all the best features in its class and in its own time, devices under this series were remarkably an instant occurrence that made competitors—including Apple—surprised for every release. The Nexus has three distinct […]

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Android Smartphone

Rumors had said it that Samsung is about to wield a stronger rival to Apple’s fearsome iPhone 5. Yes, I can say that the latter is a champ in a lot of ways, but Samsung has tried to keep up and even overtake other phone manufacturers with its S3, which shook the usual trend to […]

Samsung NX1000 Compact Digital Camera

Do wires really have to blur off in this ever-changing digital environment we are in? Or do we really have to keep the wires for future benefits? I’d say, “less wire, less clog.” Enjoyably speaking, I am fond of reasoning out why wires are supposed to be off the trend these days. Thanks to Samsung […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Android Smartphone / Tablet

Recently, Samsung has unlocked another Galaxy model that is promised to bring out users’ creativity to the max in just one same phone: the new Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Remarkably, like any other Galaxy models, this one also stole the spotlight and is even expected to rule the dance floor in its expected release on […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Android Tablet

When the first Samsung Galaxy Note series model was launched probably last year as I’ve heard it, I thought Apple iPhones did find a rival to what a “phablet” is to be about in the real sense. However, Samsung might have managed to put a second thought on how to better enjoy the release so […]

Samsung NX20 Compact Digital Camera

The NX20 is Samsung’s latest addition to the growing NX family. This camera boasts of a large 20.3MP APS-C sized sensor. It is capable of shooting 8 frames per second to make sure you capture all the action and records a full high definition video at 1080p. The NX20 is a Samsung smart camera so […]