Sony A7 Compact Digital Camera

Full-frame cameras have always been expensive, and therefore making them only available to those photography purists wanting all the details expected for a 35mm-film-equivalent sensor. Moreover, the trend also goes like this: full-frame cameras with interchangeable lenses cannot go on a smaller body, more because there should be much more going to meet the price. […]

Sony Alpha SLT-A99V DSLR Camera

Sony’s first full-framed DSLR was way back around four years ago in the name of A900, and though this may be breakthrough at that camera age, the A900 could be considered a camera in trial, hence the flaws you can now recognize. Thankfully, last year was another age for full-frame DSLRs, and with Sony, they […]

Sony VAIO Duo 13 Convertible Laptop Computer

With the entrance of phablets and big-sized tablets these days, it’s pretty easy to swallow that ultrabooks and hybrid PCs do still take their place. Taking Sony’s new Duo 13 Hybrid, the late VAIO 11 is now about to see the sunset as another candidate for a hybrid system. The Duo 13 is fairly similar […]

Sony Vaio Tap 11 Windows 8 Tablet Computer

When we say we want a Windows 8 ‘tablet,’ one particular product generally draws to our thoughts: the Microsoft Surface and the newer Surface 2. No, we are not saying that this is the ‘standard’ tablet when it comes to turning Windows experience in a slate form factor. That being said, we are still welcoming […]

Sony Xperia Z Ultra Android Smartphone / Tablet

The Xperia Z of Sony is crazy… it absolutely is. It’s just too good to be true, too powerful and too detailed in design. Its price is a bit too much, too, but what you get is a phone that will really tremble you for a stumble. Not enough? Here’s the bigger bone for those […]

Sony VAIO Pro 11 Windows 8 Ultrabook

We are glad to hear about the release of the new Haswell as the fourth-generation processors of Intel, and better than these, the fast line-up of devices that come with it. Included in the shortlist of performers that promise an expected better battery life without compromise to performance is Sony’s new Pro 11 (and 13) […]

Sony Xperia SP Android Smartphone

We’ve known the kings and queens of smartphones today, and the list includes the Xperia Z of Sony. The Z is indeed a marvel that have conquered a great range of smartphones nearby, though being a competitor to the iPhone 5 and HTC One is also noticeable. However, the Z of Sony has a big […]

Sony MDR-XB910 DJ Headphones

Do you honestly feel good about the so-called Beats generation of headphones? Well, I suppose we all know what it is: that hard-kicking bass mudding almost every other frequency just for the sake of domination. While we would argue that there are really some good headphones that deliver a rich, balanced range of frequencies even […]

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX1 Compact Digital Camera

A couple years back or more, having a compact camera on your pocket can indirectly mean that you’re a newbie to photography, since most of the cameras at those pocket sizes are only limited to point-and-shoot features and capabilities. However, super-powered compact cameras at the same size have hovered the sky to let these point-and-shooters […]

Sony MDR-1R Premium Headphones

Wearability, comfort, audio quality—three qualities honored in each and every headphone nowadays, but only a few has perfected this expected scheme. I call it love-at-first-sight, but when I saw and had a hold of the new MDR-1R of Sony, I just know what luxury and prestige meant. I am not really a huge fan of […]