Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 Android Smartphone / Tablet

I still remember the time when we are all laughing about the big smartphone idea, i.e, phones with big, big screens. Surprisingly, it was not really that late when we encountered the first 5-incher smartphones that surely hit the market just fine. Seemingly not enough and asking for more, here now comes the super mega […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 Android Tablet

The very familiar Galaxy Note 8 of Samsung is soon timed to face its dusk moment, thanks to the new Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 that will replace the tablet of the same size, except some few additions and subtractions. Priced relatively hilariously at $300, this new 8-incher of Samsung is not cheap albeit it offers […]

Sony Xperia Z Ultra Android Smartphone / Tablet

The Xperia Z of Sony is crazy… it absolutely is. It’s just too good to be true, too powerful and too detailed in design. Its price is a bit too much, too, but what you get is a phone that will really tremble you for a stumble. Not enough? Here’s the bigger bone for those […]

Samsung ATIV Q Windows 8 / Android Hybrid Tablet

Samsung is not only one of the leading OEMs to produce real smart devices, but they actually also lead in the number of models being produced. Among the leading series of the company is the ATIV, and lately, we have been slightly introduced to the new Q of the said series. The ATIV Q is […]

ASUS Transformer Book Convertible Ultrabook

There’s no doubt the Zenbook Prime of Asus is stellar in build quality and aesthetics, and there’s no question how it gets the most spotlighting ever. If you’re familiar with this monster from Asus, you better get to know that the same company now offers a modified version of it by mixing it with a […]

Huawei Ascend Mate Android Smartphone/Tablet

No firm has truly mandated that ‘phones should only be locked to these sizes, and tablets should only bridge the size from this point to this point especially to the display.’ I still remember two or three years ago when smartphones were just on its early morning state, 3.5-inch displays were already considered big, and […]

Archos 97 Titanium HD Android Tablet

If you are really thirsty about having a Retina display without going directly for an iPad, then you just come to the right place. If I would offer you an iPad-like pad with just a price of $249, would you bite? Let me introduce you today to the new iPad-aspiring Archos 97 Titanium HD. With […]

Acer Aspire P3 Convertible Ultrabook

It has already been a wide claim that hybrid-system ultrabooks, i.e., those that have included or optional keyboards for slate-bodied systems are the future of ultrabooks. However, it’s still not guaranteed, more because we see devices getting smaller and smaller, and on the other end of the lever comes a smaller but more potent battery […]

Lenovo IdeaCentre Horizon All-in-One Tablet PC

If you’ve been wondering whether the next generation PCs would only come in the shape of a hybrid system as we are often offered nowadays, think again! This is the main idea AIO PCs are still feeding our brains and interests, and truly, they serve some great purposes hybrid ultrabooks and systems fail to offer […]

HP Slate 7 Android Tablet Computer

If you would ask me, I’d say the best size for a tablet would be 7-inches—at least more or less. That’s the main reason why I love the Nexus 7 of Google so much, and that may also be the reason why companies keep on doing slates in this size frame. To be included, HP […]