Dell XPS Duo 12 Windows 8 Convertible Ultrabook

Back a couple of years ago, Dell was one of the most apprehended manufacturers to have introduced a compact hybrid PC/Tablet system, especially if you can still recall their Inspiron Duo which featured a rotating display to switch between the mentioned modes. This year, Dell continued the award-winning trend using the same rotating hinge in […]

Alcatel One Touch Tab 7HD Android Tablet

The Nexus 7 of Google might be the most fascinating variant among the Nexus series, and is highly regarded by many review sites as the top 7-inch tablet even up to now. Google did not really disappoint for such a low-priced tablet packed with features and a good display, not to mention how the battery […]

Acer Iconia A1 Android Tablet Computer

It has been widely known that the Nexus 7 is the ‘best one-handed tablet’ so far, and it is even said to be better than the Apple iPad, which is more claimed to be good for reading e-books. However, the run for the best 7-incher slates still doesn’t halt, and Acer is not excluded to […]

Toshiba Excite 10 SE Android Tablet

It was not that long when we heard of Toshiba’s entry to the 10-inch slate category in the name of Excite 10 LE, wherein the ‘LE’ there cannot be in anyway identified with ‘lowly esteemed’ because of how premium it got out of the box. While the price of the said 10-incher wasn’t considerably fair […]

Samsung ATIV Smart PC Pro 700T Windows 8 Tablet

Samsung must have been cognizant of the potentials of the Microsoft Surface Pro together with its flaws. Taking all these notes down, Samsung is now catering its new hybrid tablet-PC experience much like the Surface, but is packed with a list of ‘corrected’ features plus the convenience of the features of the company’s Galaxy Note […]

HP ElitePad 900 Windows 8 Tablet Computer

HP has long been a good contender to catering computing equipment to the corporate side of the world, and like Toshiba and Sony, the company didn’t falter in its new tablet specifically designed for such ‘elite’ consumers and IT pros. Introducing the ElitePad 900 of HP ($700) which was announced around September last year, the […]

Sony Xperia Tablet Z Android Tablet Computer

Since last year’s Xperia S of Sony for the line of tablets, we’ve been quite anticipative already for what’s coming to turn over the top slates of today. More with this familiar feeling, we have been overly excited with the company particularly because of its new smartphone known as the Xperia Z. Today, I am […]

Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2 Windows 8 Tablet Computer

I frankly do not have high regards for Lenovo tablets and PCs at most, though I must admit that I appreciate the company’s consistent effort of bringing up new and creative ideas to make computing and entertainment a lot more fun and convenient. Much comparative to the Latitude 10 of Dell, the Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Android Tablet Computer

Cracks and rumors have been around for the last few months until the official material from Samsung has finally arrived to take a new place to the company’s tablet series. Introducing the new Note 8.0 of Samsung’s reputed Galaxy series, the usual 10-incher just got a smaller brother to pair against the big rival, the […]

Dell XPS 10 Windows 8 Tablet Computer

The Surface Pro (or technically, Surface with Windows 8 Pro) of Microsoft has just been a short while on the market, yet even until today, it is still a controversy to some, a prototype to many, and a dream to the many of the population. Such a prominence is not merely because it is the […]