• Last September, Apple has unveiled the latest and greatest iPhones namely the Apple iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max. The new high-end smartphone lineup from Apple features significant camera improvements and updated processor compared to their predecessor. Below is the recently announced price list: Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max (Available Colors:… [Continue Reading]

    Apple iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max Price in Philippines
  • Microsoft Surface Windows 8 Tablet Overview + Latest Price in the Philippines: A genuine leader in software development, Microsoft has also taken the bait to go against the ‘digital raging bulls.’ O yes, there’ve been a lot of rivals ready to push Windows off the surface, and some have successfully done so by introducing a… [Continue Reading]

    Microsoft Surface Windows 8 Tablet Computer
  • Next to its predecessor, which in this case is the X10, Fujifilm has managed to put a new flagship to its X-series: the XF1. While the said predecessor shouted a much better but classic-style body with controls relatively optimal for newbies and professional SLR holders alike, the new XF1 is but a redefined version with… [Continue Reading]

    Fujifilm XF1 Compact Digital Camera
  • The Nexus series has been said before as merely a set of devices used by Android for apps testing. Though isn’t fully verified yet, it is of no concern anymore today because the series has totally gotten better with more powerful hardware without compromising comfort and fashion. The newest smartphone for this series, the Nexus… [Continue Reading]

    Google LG Nexus 4 Android Smartphone
  • Most of us, if not all, are continually astonished by how Apple manufactures its very own unique product line, particularly on how individually they serve the needs and respond to the wants of the common people. Upon the release of the latest iPad, people ran over the town to check for the price: they may… [Continue Reading]

    Apple iPad Mini 7-inch Tablet

Samsung Galaxy S4 Android Smartphone

I had the most luxurious time of my digital life to have an exclusive access to the Samsung’s new Android flagship phone, the Galaxy S4. An obvious successor to Android’s top-selling phone, the Galaxy S3, the S4 is but the result of teasers and rumors put into a phone in the smartest of ways. The […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom Android Smartphone / Digital Camera

For all of you who have been ‘following’ the S4 models of Samsung, you would be too aware of the S4 Mini and the Samsung Galaxy Camera, which happened before if not lately. However, both of the devices have their own limits, and thus here comes the hybrid of the two—if not a seedling: the […]

Lenovo ThinkPad Helix Convertible Ultrabook

A helix is a spiral formed along a three-dimensional axis, but with Lenovo’s new ThinkPad Helix, it means a little different. A convertible or hybrid model that we are all familiar with, the Helix of Lenovo promises a lot of IT-agreeable features and productivity options, but at the cost of a good form. Coming in […]

Panasonic Lumix GX7 Compact Digital Camera

After the GX1 of Panasonic’s Lumix series, it would be a good question if all were surprised with the grand entrance of Panasonic Lumix GX7 (now where are the rest of the models in between?). The GX7 is said to be the company’s very first flagship for micro four-thirds cameras, and would even fit as […]

Asus MeMO Pad HD 7 Android Tablet Computer

The 7-incher Memo pad of Asus that we have heard before was quite a failure in its own way, making it optimized and only good for reading and simple web browsing. Cognizant of this insufficiency to the cheaper 7-incher slate candidate, the company again came up with the newer version of it as they did […]

Lenovo IdeaPad Z400 Touch Windows 8 Ultrabook

Thinking of a healthy unit for a notebook is something not anymore tricky to many, but the question of aesthetics and build quality can still prevail among the rest. Lenovo stands quite lovable on this category for their consistent efforts to bring notebooks that are good-looking for businessmen. However, it can be quite disappointing if […]

HTC One Mini Android Smartphone

If you think that phablets of today now are getting into the mini versions of each them, you might be right. Belonging to this new trend is the shrunk-down of the reputed HTC One—the ‘one’ that brings front-facing stereo speakers and superb specs and features in one go. There’re a lot of mini’s already out […]

Olympus Stylus XZ-2 Compact Digital Camera

I have always loved the PEN series of Olympus. Aside from the very handy but solid build, I love the idea of how the company attempts to make the Micro 4/3 system done in but simple devices with customizable controls including a multi-function barrel ring. Deriving from this idea though, the company came up with […]

Toshiba Excite Write Android Tablet Computer

If bringing the S-pen of Samsung’s Galaxy models is a dream for you, and if Wacom digitizer styli are hard to reach, Toshiba comes saving your day with its new model from the Excite series named Write. The Write of Toshiba is a powerful Android tablet at 10-inch character, but the price of almost $600 […]

Bose QuietComfort 20i Noise Cancelling Headphones

Bose’s QuietComfort series of ear paraphernalia is probably the world’s leading technology candidates especially to their main asset, which is noise cancellation. We’ve come across a lot of its products long before, and mostly; the noise cancellation feature depends on the mechanisms behind each ear cup. On the other hand, for in-ear earphones, there’s but […]